March 16th, 2004

key to the kingdom


I really, really like the idea of being in secret societies. Even if they're just pretend secret societies. In fact, they're more fun if everyone knows about them. I mean, what's the fun of being in the Masons or the Illuminati or the Black Hand or the Seven Blessings or the Golden Dawn if you can't, say, discreetly flaunt your ring or your pin or your iron-on patch or whatever? Which is why I'm really, really looking forward to getting my Sigma Tau Delta insignia, even though it isn't secret and I'll probably never even go to a meeting, because the idea of wearing a pin that proclaims I am part of something called "STD" is just the height of hilarity to me. But then, I think I'm enjoying that on a completely different level.

It's like having a secret clubhouse, isn't it? In fact, I would love to create some kind of society so secret that even I don't know what it's about. Seriously, it would be the most secret society ever. The Illuminated Hand of the Blessed Dawn: The Secret Society of Secret Secretness. It would be so awesome. The entire society would be devoted to figuring out what the hell we joined up for. All we would know is that we have really, really kickass handshakes and insignia and and passwords and shit. We would chalk secret symbols on brick walls and inside university stairwells. You could torture us to the death, but you'd never find out our secrets... mostly because we wouldn't know them ourselves. Hee.

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Must... update... Digest... must... zzzzzz.

I don't know why I'm so tired. Not even tired--just sleepy. I don't need to rest; I just feel drugged. Yarrr. And I am assuming that I'll be useless next week when I have my wisdom teeth out, finally, because I'm superstitious and believe that preparing for something makes it less likely to happen.

Have posted a really great set of character development prompts over in writer_girls; Crunk had us freewrite on them in workshop last night, and they include such questions as "What's your character's favorite item of clothing?" and "What's the meanest thing your character's ever done?"

The children's mystery series will be called the Fairwood Files, I think. Still struggling with the plot, although I think I will actually snaffle the "Illuminated Hand of the Blessed Dawn" thing from my previous entry to be the villain. Also, I'm updating my memories section so that if newcomers start reading the journal and go "Whoooo? Whaaaaat?," they can go to the memories and see previous entries on the project in question. Read: my writerly egotism knows no bounds, folks.

To follow up on yesterday, I did sit up and finish The Ruby in the Smoke, and it was very good--Pullman succeeded in surprising me with the last major plot twist, and I'm pretty good at calling endings most of the time. (And then a movie like Van Helsing comes along and spits in the face of every expectation. DAAAAMMMMMN YOOOOOUUUUU!)

(Yes, I am still bitter about a movie that hasn't come out yet. Feel free to laugh at me. Unless you're already bitter about "what they've done" to the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, because I don't think that glass house will hold.)

Of course, then I wanted to start reading The Shadow in the North, just to see what was happening to everyone, and I get to one of the biggest infodumps I've ever seen in my life. This is that trip to the Department of Back Story that most sequels/series books take to catch you up on everything (also known as "chapter two of every Sleepover Friends/Babysitters Club/Sweet Valley book ever"). I probably wouldn't have even minded it but for the whole "Frederick gave up photography to what?" thing. Did Pullman write the Lockhart trilogy before Dark Materials? Because his storytelling is so much more sophisticated in those books.

More family drama--I think a break-up is in the wind--but I'll have to post more about that as I hear about it. I tend to friends-lock more personal posts just to keep them from people I know in real-life (employers, professors, family members, etc.), but I friend almost anyone back who friends me. I did friend a couple of people today who were surprised that I asked first--apparently the "OMG UNFREIND ME!1!" debate isn't as infamous as I thought. I think this is in my user info, but basically, I'm more than happy for people read my journal and/or friend me, so go on ahead.
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Not to sound too defensive, but since I'm under review at the_reviewers and getting wildly divergent reviews, it may be time to spotlight a few of the older entries:

Wherein I cannot remember what I was doing in a hotel room for two weeks with Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, and Viggo Mortensen (...using the word "wherein" really isn't helping me shake the "boring and scholarly" rap, is it?)

Going Gollum over a term paper

Heroine Addiction


Unfortunately, the Salem Bitchcraft Trial entries are friends-locked by necessity, and so not eligible, I guess...

God, you know what I just realized? I really am that boring. Wow. Hmm. I may have to do something about this...