March 23rd, 2004


Of teeth and heroines, cabbages and kings

I'm going to go kick out and watch some DVDs, but if anyone has any Heroine Addict icon requests, leave 'em here so I can make some when I get back. I still have an outstanding Wonder Woman request, now that I think about it, and a few more Scully wouldn't hurt. Any others?

Also, if you would like to contribute your tale of wisdom tooth woe to The Definitive Wisdom Tooth Post, hit the comments here. It will be a document for the ages that we can refer scared patients to--or, you know, us sitting around and telling war stories, whatever. (Newcomers to the journal are welcome to comment.) A few things to keep in mind:

1. How old were you?
2. Did they grow in straight or sideways?
3. What was recovery like? What'd you use to get through it (meds, ice, over the counter stuff)?

And with that, I'm out. It's puddin' time.