March 25th, 2004



I sort of went through a friending-the-friends-of-my-friends streak today (nifty little feature, it is), in case you just got friended and you're wondering what's going on. I think we all have Fametracker in common, and FTers generally have good journals--that was my reasoning, at any rate. I say this on my info page, but I basically add journals that I want to read, so no one has to feel pressured to add me back or anything.

For the regulars--is there anyone you'd like to recommend to me (who would like to be friended)?

Meanwhile, back at the Good Ship Wisdom Teeth: Paaaaain. Well, honestly, I've been in a hell of a lot more pain than this; I'm just going all Camille over it because I'm off anyway. Dr. Buck said yesterday and today would be the worst days, so maybe by tomorrow I'll be moving around again. I'm mostly dozing under the influence of Hydrocopacabana and having really, really weird dreams at this point. (When you're too tired to throw Captain Jack in the DVD player, you know you're not doing well.)

Oh, and rockgeisha, I did see your Hissyfit comment over at JF. So that really did happen? How bizarre.
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