April 4th, 2004

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Lemony Snicket trailer!

Actually, it's a one-minute TV spot from Nickelodeon. You get to see Meryl Streep as Aunt Josephine (things are not looking good for Justice Strauss, though, as I can't even find an actor credit for her), Violet in her wedding dress, and, most importantly, baby Sunny! (I was seriously concerned they might go with a CGI Sunny for a while there). And I LOVE the kid they have playing Klaus--seriously, I want to wait until such time as is appropriate and then have 10,000 of his babies. So to speak. Plus: screen caps!

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On fear and writing

I got a good review on Fiction Press last night, and now I'm sort of scared. Like maybe I won't be able to get the last two chapters to live up to people's expectations. Or worse, my own expectations.

I wonder how many people never finish things not because they're really blocked--but because they suspect they'd finish and it wouldn't be nearly as great or successful as they'd hoped it would be. So they just won't finish, and then they can always dream about how great it could be. I mean, you finish your Great American Novel, and--you get it published, you get paid just enough to pay the rent, and five people buy the book. You don't finish it, and you can go around thinking that someday, when you do, it'll completely revolutionize popular culture and the printed word.

I have a feeling that's why I don't finish things.

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