April 10th, 2004

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Still hearting my radio station. "Silver Springs" was just on, too--one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. And you know, it's kind of spooky to hear a band that you know--particularly if you've seen the "Behind the Music"--has had more romantic makeups and breakups than a soap opera perform a song with the chorus,

I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you (give me just a chance)
You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you (was I just a fool?)

It's like you've wandered into some private psychodrama they're enacting onstage and they're not even conscious you're watching.

Working on Black Ribbon, too. It's coming.

(ETA: God bless Prince, but it's really hard to write rilly proper dialogue with "P. Control" wailing in the background. Hee hee.)

black ribbon

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So. The Lovely Emily is back in town for Easter weekend (unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Typo are still in Rhode Island and Brett the Vet is staying at Auburn), and I'm off to her house in about an hour for some sort of friends-n-family cookout that looks vaguely threatened by rain, but all right. Also: drinkage. Yay!

Worked on Black Ribbon for a while. Was thoroughly dismayed to remember that there was all this stuff I just didn't have the time/strength to force into chapter three, and now it's got to go in chapter four. Seriously, stuff I thought had already happened and been taken care of hasn't been written at all yet, and I've got two drafts that don't sync up, and it's the draft I wasn't using that has all the missing stuff in it. Fie!

However, I have about twenty pages of material, heavily rearranged, and everything's shifting into place--several plot gaps I was worried about are patching themselves up. It's a little front-heavy with the tea and visiting at the moment, so I'm trying to breeze though those scenes faster and get to the good stuff.

Oh, and while I'm saving several things for volume 2, you will find out what the deal with Bonneville, Seward, and Caspar Osborne is in this chapter--plus a little more about Rachel Carey. I think.

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