May 3rd, 2004


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Aight. Portfolio is largely done. He said something about turning in all the exercises we did, just not the ones done in class, and... really, I don't know what else that leaves. Like, maybe two things. Whatever. I get really lacksadaisical about portfolios, in terms of Stuff Other Than the Actual Revisions. And this time I actually managed to hold on to the originals with the prof's comments.

You know, I just realized... I think I just took my last creative writing workshop. Like, ever. *tear*

Oh, and does anyone actually want to see the revised stories? I added a good bit of material to chs 2 and 3 on the detective story with Gwyn and Princess Anna, and new endings to the two Yellow Dog stories.

ETA: The Fametracker Forums are back up, but the software is all new, and you have to reregister (unless I'm an idiot and just not understanding, which is possible, but I tried to log in as "cleolinda," my old name, and the forums were like, "Bizzuh?"). So I tried to register as "cleolinda"... AND IT WAS TAKEN. (Wait a minute, they just said it didn't exist...) And then I tried "cleolindajones," and it was ALSO TAKEN. HORS. So I ended up snagging PrincessCleo. Which, after all, was the name I went by for a while wayyy back in the day--Princess Cleolinda, because of the George and the Dragon bit, blah blah blah. Whatever. If you're on FT, PrincessCleo is me. So, in conclusion: HORS.

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Days: the motive revealed

I've come in late, but--OMG this is the lamest thing ever: the whole point of the killing spree was to stop Roman from marrying Kate. Abe was trying to help Roman and make Marlena stay with John, so she killed Abe. Then everyone else got killed to cover it up. Then she tried to talk Roman out of marrying Kate, but it didn't work. So she killed Roman. And then she had to keep killing to cover it up. Sami's lost her fool mind and she's still blaming Kate and John, and John is in tears. Collapse )

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Heads-up: Hugh Jackman coming up on Leno. Of course, by "coming up" I mean "in about twenty minutes, after Leno is done flapping his chin jaw." And I don't know if this is a joke or a truth that's a springboard for a joke, but apparently Monica Lewinsky wants Mandy Moore to play her in a movie about her life. I'll just leave you to boggle over that for a moment.

10:42. Okay, I'm bored. You're going to be hearing from me a bit more.

10:50. Let me sum up for you: People on the street are stupid. People who write headlines are stupid. People are stupid. There. You never have to watch Leno again.

10:57. Woot! Sister Girl has brought back the summer preview EW from two weeks ago!

11:01. I love how Hugh Jackman starts off a story about tap-dancing in his trailer in his Van Helsing costume with, "And the director said, 'I don't want to hear any more about Peter Allen, don't ever talk about Peter Allen, not on any talk shows...'" Clips are shown from The Boy from Oz in which Jackman shakes his ass with admirable enthusiasm. Jackman tells a story about a woman in the front row with "the biggest tits I've ever seen" who starts taking off her clothes. Also: I have heard he is in a movie about vampires, but I cannot confirm this rumor.

11:10. Leno loves Van Helsing. Of course he does. Leno also really likes the vampire brides. This I can believe. "And it's a film for the whole family!" says Jackman. They show the clip with the runaway carriage. He then tells a bleep-laced story about getting dragged through wood chips by horses who don't speak English (don't look at me, man). Leno is fixated on the naked-grey vampire brides and keeps imitating their winged-hissy thing they do. "It's like every bad date you ever had! HHHHHHHHH!" "Hey, you're kinky, man!" Jackman observes gleefully.

Dude, that is so... can I have that image wiped from my brain? Thanks. Love you much.