May 7th, 2004


Days recap

Hospital of the Holy Confession. Donald Rumsfeld looks around the room, confused. "I said I killed all those people?" he says. "Because I was in love with the U.S. Army? That... that doesn't make any sense!" "Something. Just. Doesn't. Add. Up," says Condoleezza Rice. She executes a masterful Eyebrow of Doom.

John McCain wants to know who ordered whom to do what. "Lay off, McCain!" shouts Rice. "If we give him any more truth serum, it might kill him!" "These are questions that need to be answered!" shouts McCain. "Now, McCain," says Hillary Clinton quietly. "We'll get to the bottom of this. But I'm going to go check on Cheney now, before he takes your bike and leaves town for an undisclosed location."

Chez Crazy. Crazy New Bush prowls around the Love Cage. "Now that I've gotten rid of Saddam," he purrs, "Iraq is all mine!" Old Crazy Bush was a much better actor.

No Days today; they skipped straight from the Senate hearings to Access Hollywood and then to Passions.

The new Fametracker forums: Luff. They do this thing now where there's a 0-100% scale (in 20% increments) where you can see how many warnings you get before you get banned. I don't know what you get warnings for--doing accidentally stupid shit like not reading the FAQ and starting a thread that's out of code (example: a thread in the Celebs forum should be called "Ben Affleck" or "Jennifer Lopez," not "OMG TEH BENNIFER SUXORS!"), or just for actual trolling/sniping. But either way, you're the only person who can see your own warnings. But people didn't realize this, and started asking in something of a panic how they could redeem themselves (I think this was on the "You Know You're Addicted to FT When..." thread).

Is it mean of me to be secretly gleeful that someone who was kind of assy to me and a few other people on the old FT was already asking, on his first day back, how to get his 20% warning off? Yes? Whee!

Dammit, I spilled a whole class of soda and crushed ice on my desk--my hand seized up after so much writing from yesterday and it just slipped out. Fortunately (?) most of it hit one of the speakers, and none of it got on the new keyboard.

Run your own high school! You get to customize eight students and make them study/paint/play basketball/miserable! And get crushes on each other, diss each other, and weep in the doorway of the cafeteria! Watch them ask each other out to prom! Watch that one boy-whore go to prom with three different girls simultaneously! And, in case you haven't grasped the full potential for hilarity yet, customize the kids to look like characters from LOTR, Harry Potter, or your own original stories!

(Damn. I think I just used up my exclamation quota for the month... awww, nobody wants to eat lunch with Ginny Weasley. *tear*)