May 11th, 2004


Days recap (and more)

yendi has written his own recap of Van Helsing, and--I told you I didn't make this stuff up!

The recap. For those of you joining us on the friends list, I started recapping Days of Our Lives for my mother, who is no longer able to catch even half an hour of the show on her lunch hour now that it's been moved to 1 pm. Unfortunately, after I lovingly wrote a multi-page summary, she said, "Uh, could you go back to one of those two-sentence dealies?" Fortunately, other people on my f-list have asked me to keep doing them. I write while the show is on, so it's not the carefully revised and edited funny that Van Helsing in Fifteen Minutes is.

Note to new folks: Not that you'll be able to tell from the last two days' entries, but I really do write about things other than entertainment recaps.


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msauvage purple

Another Movie in Fifteen Minutes

Let's see if lightning strikes twice. Probably not, but since a few people asked if I'd done other movies, and this one is fresh in my mind froom Saturday night's airing on CBS...

With many thanks to The Movie Spoiler, which helped refresh my memory, I bring you: Hannibal in Fifteen Minutes.

Note: Lines with a single asterisk (asterisk*) are actual lines from the movie, because I can't make shit like this up.

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