May 12th, 2004


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First off, I just wanted to say that I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the Fifteen Minute Movies, and that I read each comment as soon as it hits my email. I just can't reply to them all, though--I think we're up to something like 150 now. So just because I didn't say anything, that doesn't mean I didn't read it and appreciate it and laugh when you were funny. And the comments are still pouring in, actually, which is sort of terrifying--the previous Occupation: Girl record for comments was 43, over on the entry about my dream about Elijah Wood being the father of my thumb-sized baby. (Don't ask.)

And welcome to all the new folks on the f-list! I want to assure you that if you hang around and read my journal a bit more and go, "Oh, shit, she's really not funny like that all the time," I won't be offended if you defriend me. I don't view friends lists as anything necessarily personal, so... rock.

My project for today is to update the Digest, because it's about damn time, and people have mentioned that they might head over there. There is a fearsome backlog of movie news, so I'm basically going to be holed up today with a caffeine drip until I get it done.

If you are looking for more funny, might I suggest Cleoism, a recent grammar rant, or the Bennet-Jones Correspondence? At least, people seem to think these are funny. I just work here.

Icons: I've really enjoyed doing the Heroine Addict meme, but... my Photobucket account is dead until the 16th. And I'm not transferring 100+ icons to another account when it'll be back in four days. So... yeah. Come back for that. However, there are new Vanity Fair pics out today, and they are awesome, and I luff them, and I made a new icon (see: icon on this entry).

As for the Movies in Fifteen Minutes--I just really had a lot of fun writing the two so far. I'd be game to do another. My only two requirements at this point are that 1) it's a movie I've seen and 2) I have it on the premises, or, failing that, there's a write-up on The Movie Spoiler I can use as a refresher.

I am seriously considering doing The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen next. Failing that, I may be able to dig up my taped-off-cable Eye of the Beholder. Be afraid.

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Ooo, the official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie teaser site. Includes production blog: "As we gathered on the soundstage today for the first day's filming of the Heart of Gold, it really struck us for the first time: we're doing it. We're really making the movie! After a particularly muddy week last week in the English countryside, things are really underway... But that’s for another entry, another day!"

I have so not been productive today.