May 16th, 2004

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Holy crap:

Pirates of the Caribbean Sequels Confirmations!

Two cool news bits have come in this weekend about the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. First up, Dark Horizons received a report from the NATO (North American Theatre Owners) annual meeting where Disney talked about the franchise.

He went on to talk about the sequel(s) to Pirates and said the entire cast and production team would be back. He said production would begin shortly on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3 and they would be released six months apart in 2006. This was news to me as I had only heard their was going to be one sequel.

This confirms earlier speculation by the Hollywood trades that Disney was going to shoot two sequels at once, much like the second and third "Matrix" films. has also confirmed with a very reliable source that Johnny Depp's wish has come true. Rolling Stones' Keith Richards will indeed play Captain Jack Sparrow's dad in the sequel. As you probably know by now, Depp modeled Sparrow in the first film after the musician.