May 19th, 2004

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Frequently asked questions

I would like to welcome all the lovely people who have friended me over the last week or so, and here's hoping this entry is helpful:

Are you reading all these comments? Every single one. I have email notification to my Yahoo address turned on. I'm trying to answer the ones that ask specific questions, but trust me, I've read all of them and I appreciate everything everyone's said and I wish I could reply to them all, but between Van Helsing and Troy there are about 500 comments. This is not even including the other two 15 Min. Movies or the icon entries. I hate to issue a message of mass gratitude, but--thank you, to everyone, for all the nice things you've said.

Can I friend you? Girl, please. I am a total friend whore. In fact, I'm friending everyone back as fast as I can. If I haven't friended you back yet, it's because I'm still wading through my email. Also: after I've been on your f-list for about a week, if you realize that friending me has been a terrible, terrible mistake because I am actually rather boring, feel free to unfriend me. I don't take it personally.

Can I link to your journal or send things to my friends? Also a total link whore. If I want something to be private, I friends-lock it, and that's just so my family or RL acquaintances won't stumble across it, generally. I don't put things in my journal that I'm not okay with the entire internet seeing (and really, everyone should consider this possibility), so linking is fine.

Can I take icons you made? No. I totally made 3000 crappy icons so I could sit and stare at them. Yes, of course you can take them! And please feel free to improve them (coughantialiasthefontcough) or make your own, because all I have is PhotoImpression 2000 and it is ghetto (since this writing, someone has emailed me a copy of Photoshop, so I'm in business).

Why are you making fun of these movies? Did you hate them that much? I think I mentioned this on a previous entry, but it's worth repeating: I don't think that the funny should be reserved for things we hate. Let's face it, the Lord of the Rings movies are freakin' hilarious, and tons of parodies have been written about them. Does that mean that people hate them? On the contrary! And I've enjoyed all four movies I've done so far. Besides, movies as a medium are just funny, sometimes--they can't always be bastions of realism because they're movies and not v. v. serious 10-hour documentaries. Think of it as "making fun" rather than "mocking," and with emphasis on the "fun."

May I worship you/fangirl you/bear your children? I am flattered. Deeply flattered. However, it is only fair to remind you that half these jokes write themselves. Come on--"Hector smash"? That was there, dude. That said, the nicest things you can ever do for any writer are 1) recommend her work and 2) read more of it. Which most of you have already told me you're doing. (coughblackribbonhackdailydigestmovienewswheezeshortattentionspantheatercough. Sorry about that. Hairball.) Or you can do like kotszok and write me a filk. There's always that. (Hee hee hee.)

Who's the girl in the icon? The icon I'm using right now is Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair, which hasn't come out yet.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please ask in the comments. Even if that question is "Who the hell do you think you are?" Seriously, I'm shocked that I've only gotten one or two vaguely negative comments for the whole series. Not that I'm especially craving any flames now. Anyway. [/shyness & paranoia]

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