May 22nd, 2004

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Movie news

I have updated the Digest. (Movie news, for the new folks.) I am going back to bed now.

P.S. There are new Harry Potter pics, Pirates of the Caribbean news, a publicity graphic for The Ring 2, Ep III poster & trailer news, X-Men news, and--just a shitload of stuff, really. A week's backlog, all that.

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Dracula (1979) in Fifteen Minutes

This isn't the movie I was planning on doing next, but it was on AMC Friday night and it felt like a good no-stress, low-expectation palate cleanser. Thus, I bring you: Dracula in Fifteen Minutes.

Collapse )

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Coming soon: The Day After Tomorrow, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, King Arthur. Up next: A highly-requested movie currently out on DVD. (More Movies in Fifteen Minutes.)

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