May 26th, 2004

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All right, party people! Got a conundrum for y'all comic fans from Moviehole:

Mike Allred, creator of “Madman”, says Robert Rodriguez will be bringing his vision to screen once “Sin City” is over.

"So, at this time George Huang, a long time friend of Robert's and writer-director of the indy hit Swimming With Sharks is writing the Madman treatment based on the outline Robert and I put together”, Allred tells Newsarama.

“So, when that's approved we kick into the screenplay and if approved shoot the movie. We already have our Frank "Madman" Einstein; He's star of 2003's biggest money maker. I'm pretty sure it was the biggest box office flick (that should get a few tongues wagging). So, it either happens or it doesn't. It seems to me this is just gonna be one of those projects that just take a long time to hit the big screen. Keep in mind I was first approached about making a low-budget Madman movie right out of the gate in 1992. It should be obvious why I stopped holding my breath. But when I'm called on--just try to hold me back!"

Now, unless Allred is seriously not up on his movies, he's referring to Return of the King. (Looking at other movies on the list, he might mistakenly think that X2 or a Matrix film made more money--Hugh Jackman or Keanu Reeves? But they're both up to their eyeballs in comic movies right now.) Which... doesn't narrow down much. I'm not familiar with many comics, so who in ROTK seems like a plausible candidate for Madman?

ETA: Solved? wirrrn says down in the comments, "Yes, he is referring to ROTK. In several issues of MADMAN, Allred has said his dream casting for the titular character would be Viggo Mortensen. :a few moments pause whilst I envision Viggo in skin-tight white spandex: and we're back!" Okay, I was all aboard this train until the white spandex, y'all.

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Four Newstracker updates in a row. I can't believe it, either. Among tonight's news:

  1. Enlarged Lemony Snicket pictures (see "lemonysite" folder, please don't hotlink)

  2. Johnny Depp isn't up for Lex Luthor after all--he's up for Kal-El Jor-El. And Victor Garber for Lex?

  3. Batman Begins set pics and filming news (Chicagoans, keep your eyes open--they're there right now)

  4. First look at The Polar Express

  5. New Phantom of the Opera pics

  6. Trailers for Blueberry, Immortel, and Ju-On: The Grudge (remake)

  7. Casting for Dr. Who, Fantastic Four, and Brideshead Revisited

Also: Alfonso Cuarón, who is a smart man, insists that the kid actors won't outgrow the Harry Potter movies. David Heyman, the producer, thinks they will get too old and will "inevitably" have to be replaced, either one at a time or in one fell swoop. David Heyman is an idiot, by the way, if he thinks the fans aren't deathly attached to those kids and would take recasting lying down. (I know I'd rather watch a 24-year-old Daniel Radcliffe play 17-year-old Harry than some random new kid. Not because he's Olivier Jr. but because--dude, he's Harry.) Seriously, I think if Radcliffe, Watson, or Grint were threatened, much less all three of them, there would be riots in the streets message boards. Sigh.
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