May 30th, 2004


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Sleepy. But it's a good sleepy. Have been fairly useless this weekend--although The Lovely Emily did come back over and we finished the ROTK DVD. Unfortunately, I can't find the remote, so we couldn't figure out how to scroll down the extras menu. Must find that.

I finally got the ice cream I wanted. I wanted something really gooey and chocolate--you know, like chocolate chocolate-chip fudge swirl. With Oreos and hot fudge. Dipped in chocolate. Or something. We ended up going to Marble Slab last night--I don't know if it really is a Coldstone Creamery rip-off, but it feels like one--and I got the double dark chocolate with almonds and hot fudge. Which they mixed in, so I couldn't tell it was there. We will remedy this the next time I go.

So after I died of sugar shock I've started The Day After Tomorrow in Fifteen Minutes, which means that now I'll never be able to finish it because I told you about it, but okay, but I'm having a hard time remembering what happened when. I mean, there was just so muchstuff in that movie--so many character subplots, etc. The Movie Spoiler finally has got a summary up--I can't tell you how useful these things are when I'm trying to remember what the hell happened; I ended up having to take notes all through Dracula, because I knew I wouldn't have The Movie Spoiler as a safety net.

So I'll have to get to that now. Have been playing Neoquest II all day while waiting, because I felt like being useless, dammit. I've beat NQII once, but it's relaxing and and just monotonous to get some good thinking done. So I've been mulling over TDAT, and over a story I want to write for my fantasy project (which is basically a big mess of novels and/or short stories). And yes, I do write different things simultaneously--writing on one project is often a good way to get around writer's block on another and keep your hands moving.

Damn. That reminds me. I desperately need to get over to Writer Girls and see how things are doing over there. I've neglected it pretty bad. I mean, generally the founder should hang around, you know? But I am sort of hoping that it becomes sort of self-sustaining anyway, the way good communities should.

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