June 5th, 2004


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Okay, my internet went out yesterday afternoon at the worst possible time, and didn't come back until this morning (I know, because I was still up at four am. Thanks, Mountain Dew!)

Also, I just got the most baffling comment ever in my inbox. Squawkbox, unlike LJ's comment-forwarding service, does not give you a link to the blog entry where the comment was made. I cannot for the life of me find an entry with this comment on SAST or Trailer Park. I have no idea what pissed this person off so much, or how I gave the impression that I don't like Harry Potter:

You've received a comment at SquawkBox.tv from HpDefendor (imnotgivingit2u@uwish.com) ...

Comment : i am sick and tired of hearing u HP deprived, dont-know-when-to-stop, idiots complain about sumthing u dont know anything about. the Harry Potter books are wonderful and have brought many nonreaders into the wonderful world of literacy anbd just because u are too slack-jawed to be able to pick up a book and even attempt to comprehend what is being said does not give u the rights to rag on the hero of many poeple, young and old. So i suggest to think twice before speaking ur mind about a character so widely loved.

P.S. yes i realize that the first 2 movies were not very good but this next one has prooven to be well worth the lines and the entrance fee but i am not asking u too go because i would not want u to ruin the movie-going experience of a true fan of HP. and besides it would be your loss not mine. have a nice day.

Yeah, I rag on Chris Columbus a good bit (maybe that's it?), but then so do a lot of fans. I'm waiting for someone to show up and lecture me on how I should give Lord of the Rings a try. Also, God forbid that people speak thr minds!

Anyway. Now I have so much frickin' email to read. Sigh. As soon as I can wade through that, and approve everyone for dailydigest, I'll try to get some sort of Harry Potter review up. I am not going to actually say that I am working on a "Harry Potter in Fifteen Minutes," because every time I say that, I never get the damn thing finished.

ETA: Review's up. It's not the tongue-bath that Salon gave the movie, but I loved POA all the same.

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Also: writing a parody for a movie that is actually 1) good and 2) intentionally funny is hard, y'all. I've thought up some decent bits here and there, but... I don't think "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Fifteen Minutes" is going to be up there with Troy or anything.

Oh, and since it's come up: I know that I don't hold a trademark on "...in Fifteen Minutes" or anything. It's a free country internet and funny is not a zero-sum thing where if you do it that means I can't or vice versa, or that I was even the first person to do this sort of parody, because I totally wasn't. I'm just saying I've seen a couple of things out there that sort of... well, were extremely (coincidentally?) similar in title, format, and jokes. Seek new and more interesting concepts, people!

ETA: Someone asked me, "Are you actively trying to discourage people from writing shortened parody movie scripts, or just from making them really similar to yours?" Well, I mean, I don't have a copyright on movie parodies, y'all. I can't stop you from writing something like that, nor would I want to. What I'm really asking is for people to try to strike out in different directions and not to use the name "Movies in Fifteen Minutes," if you don't mind me asking too much. I can't bring myself to be a total bitch about it because I don't know if I was the first person to use it, and even if I were, you can't copyright titles, but... I've done six of these now, and it's kind of the name of a series. If you use the name, we run the risk of people stumbling across things and getting confused as to who wrote what. Does that make any sense?