June 9th, 2004

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I'm late to the party with this one, but it needs to be linked: An Open Letter to Harry Potter Fangirls.

Awesome icons made from HP in 15 Minutes--seriously, I envy the Photoshop skills on display here.

Desperately behind on the movie news, although this sounds good. I also heard that the ROTK EE has been delayed until December. Boo.

I felt a great deal of despair when I realized that, as sick as I am of the Chronicles of Riddick trailers I've been forced to watch at every single movie I've seen since last July, it is quite clearly a perfect candidate for Fifteen Minutes. However, I am broke refuse to pay to see a movie that has pissed me off for several months now. Therefore, you should not, under any circumstances, download a bootleg, and you should not burn it to a CD, and you should certainly not email me (my email is not in my user info) and ask for my mailing address, which I will certainly not give you as that is bad, bad, illegal, and very bad.

In other news, I still feel achy and feverish and cold. In Alabama. In June. Yeah, I'm sick. I'm desperately behind on a ton of things, and basically the only way I was able to get the Harry Potter Fifteen Minutes done was to drop everything else for about four days. I'm starting to wonder if I should just call it a week and drop everything until Black Ribbon gets finished.