June 14th, 2004

msauvage purple

Brief movie news to get me back into routine...

More GOF casting--Clemence Poesy, a name that's almost too fabulous to be true, will play Fleur. Coming Soon also mentions the Cedric and Viktor actors, if you haven't heard about them yet.

Anyone know why POA took such a huge drop at the box office? I mean, yes, it was still #1, but 62% is bad. That's the same tumble that The Day After Tomorrow took. I would think that the third movie--and yes, not everyone loves it, but it's gotten mostly good reviews and fan response--in such a hugely popular series would not take a dive like that after its opening weekend. In fact, the news early on Saturday was that Riddick (!) might overtake it for #1. The hell? I'm starting to wonder if the plotlines becoming scarier and less and less appropriate for younger kids as we go is contributing, actually--a large demographic will be increasingly cut out of the movies, and that's a demographic in particular that will insist on going fifty times. Not that anything could--or should--be done about that, but it's something to take into account, I guess.

Also: this is from last week, but it looks like the Brad-Pitt-as-Mr.-Darcy rumor has mercifully been proven false--Matthew Macfadyen (I have no idea), Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike, and Jena Malone will be in the next version of Pride and Prejudice. Personally, I think the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version should have closed the book on all remakes, but I like Keira, so okay.

James Franco in Tristan and Isolde?

I also talked to my great aunt--Cindy the Set Decorator's mother--this weekend, and she says that while Cindy is chilling between jobs at the moment, Cindy's husband is in Mexico working on The Mask of Zorro 2. I have an unholy affection for the first movie, which I should totally do a Fifteen Minutes on at some point, so this is good.

Oh, and here's larger versions of the Vanity Fair pictures, including the one in my icon. (OMG LOOK AT HER HAIR!) And over at the Z Review, pics from The Clearing, Blueberry, Stage Beauty (awww, Restoration cross-dressing yeah!), Kingdom of Heaven, and Flight of the Phoenix (that may be Miranda Otto in the green screen picture, but I'm not sure). I particularly like Orlando doing the Tom Cruise Run in the Kingdom pictures, but I think I may have mentioned these last week, so they may not be wholly new.