July 2nd, 2004


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The ff.net thing has been taken down. The culprit would like you to know that 1) he is a boy and 2) his self-confidence has been damaged by your flames. I maintain that the U.S. education system started taking a dive when self-esteem became more important than accomplishment ("Everyone gets a gold star just for showing up! Yay!"). You can draw your own conclusions from that.

(Let the record show that I asked people not to flame, by the way.)

Quick movie news: new Batman Begins pics, including one in which Gary Oldman has apparently borrowed David Thewlis' porno stache and fed it Miracle Gro; a higher-quality version of the new Elektra pic that came out yesterday; and new Decipher ROTK cards with some nice images (more added every day).

Don't forget to get your two-week paid account extension here. (Yay! I don't have to fool with mine until the end of July now!)

Am going back to bed now. Mostly because I can; also because I was up somewhat later than usual drinking with college friends (The Lovely Emily, Valerie, Brett the Vet). Whee!

Breaking news: Marlon Brando dead at 80 in LA hospital; cause of death as yet undisclosed.



Oh, for fuck's sake. This is either a troll or someone whose friend has pulled the wool over her eyes:



Either way, I'm stressed enough as it is without having to deal with "OMG *U* R TEH STEELR!" too.

ETA: I have the IP numbers of both comments; they're the same. From an ISP in New Zealand, of all places. (Given how much money I have spent on the Lord of the Rings movies and associated merchandise, I feel deeply betrayed.) (That's a joke, people.) The IP does NOT match Self-Confidence Boy's comment, so it's not directly related to the ff.net kerfluffle.

I know a lot of people visit from non-LJ links, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn off anonymous comments here and at m15m until things settle down, because if you want to accuse me of something, you can damn well have the balls to leave a name.