July 11th, 2004

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So... I just got back from seeing King Arthur, and... Lord have mercy, those are some hot-ass men, let me tell you what. Damn.

Movie? There was a movie?

I so want this movie on DVD. It's one of those movies that I know is marginally decent, but love anyway. As for m15m, if you want to see the King Arthur one when I post it--seriously, I just got out of the theatre fifteen minutes ago, so it'll be a few hours at the very least--go ahead and join now, if you haven't already--not just friend it, join it--and by the time I have it up your membership should have damn well kicked in. I took notes in the dark, in this little bound notebook with a pen and pen-holder that my mother got me, because she knows what side her retirement bread is buttered on, oh yeah. Fortunately, I only took about two pages of notes, and mostly just scene titles, like "Stable of Faith." I'm planning on making this a much looser, more liberally adapted "Fifteen Minutes," so I want NO GRIPING about what did or did not get left out, because it's a parody, people, not a transcription for the Library of Congress.

(P.S. Having Lancelot narrate was TOTALLY, TOTALLY CHEATING.)

(BRIDE OF P.S. I have ALL the King Arthur pictures you need! Let the iconage begin [or, in the case of most of you, continue]!)

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