July 13th, 2004

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We had bad storms last night, I was afraid Betsy would get zapped, etc. So today I'm working away on "King Arthur," la la la, bright sunshiny day, and all of a sudden there's some freakish power surge and I lose half an hour's work.

The good news is that I had been writing it in Word but obsessively saving it in a private LJ entry (partly so I could look at the layout), so I didn't lose that much--again, half an hour's work trying to hammer out something funny for a battle scene. The bad news is that I just now got back my internet connection back, and while that doesn't have much to do with anything, it pisses me off.

Ooo, Amazing Race tonight.

Also, it looks like New Orleans is set for the weekend of July 23. I was all like, "Bourbon Street and beignets!"

The Lovely Emily: "Is there... y'know... anything else you'd like to do?"

Ideas, Nawlins folk? Keep in mind that we're actually going to be in New Orleans for about 36 hours. It's a short trip.