July 15th, 2004

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Hurrr. Just woke up from a nap. Seem to be taking afternoon naps a lot more now. I was so tired last night from finishing "King Arthur" that I couldn't even bring myself to fix dinner until after 10 pm.

The big thing about "King Arthur"--oh, and by the way, I added two more mini-batches of icons of icons to the folder. The last entry on m15m is about the icons, so hit that--is that I learned a lot about my "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" process. A lot. Namely, I have to gun the things out in the 5-6 hours immediately after I see the movie, or I start to forget what happened, and then it takes me days to poke at the keyboard and go, "Whaaaa... I can't... zzzz." "Van Helsing"? Five hours. "Troy"? Six hours. "Harry Potter"? Four days of bitching and moaning and premature senility. I'm sayin'.

Which is why I should stop going to see movies on Sundays, because I have "Six Feet Under" to watch that night and that's just no good. But it's an extremely helpful discovery in terms of writing the book. Particularly since they want manuscript on October 1st, DAMN.

(On the upside, Orion has a v. pretty new website. We're still in the contract phase [i.e., "Get off your ass and put the signed contracts in the mail, Miss Jones, plzkthnx"], so I'm not on it or anything. I'm just saying.)

* * *

You know, I think I have developed a theory. The "King Arthur" threads at m15m have so far been nothing but love and light, and--I know, I know, give it a week--but really, so were the "Troy" threads. "Van Helsing" a little less so--I got some "Why are you making fuuuun of the poor mooovie?" comments--and "Harry Potter" was downright psychotic. What do Troy and King Arthur have in common? Collapse )

* * *

Now that I have Photoshop and my icons suck less... I don't know if anyone even cares about Troy or Van Helsing anymore, but for those of you still using 15M icons... you deserve better.

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