July 22nd, 2004

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Interesting set-pic twofer at Coming Soon--Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst on Elizabethtown, and Keira Knightley on Pride and Prejudice.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to pack for Baby's First Trip to New Orleans, wherein Baby is having a hard time packing light. I mean, I'm only going to be there two nights, but I always pack like I'm moving to a new continent. I did find an old disposable camera still in its wrapper, so that's nice. I would take my digital camera, but 1) it hates me and 2) I'm terrified of getting mugged and/or my pocket picked. I have decided to take Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with me to read, because I've only read the last two books once each, and I'm probably not going to get any quality reading done. That's a good kind of book to take--it'll engross you if you need it to, but you're in no hurry to get to the end or anything, since you've read it before.

I'm looking into how to make phone posts via both LJ and Blogger; so far Blogger looks to have the easiest interface, so keep an eye on http://cleolinda.blogspot.com while I'm gone.

ETA: Eeee hee hee! So much fun!