September 1st, 2004

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Why? Why do I read freaky stuff at night? Why do I do this to myself? Why?

Okay, this one I just don't believe, but the painting itself is just creepy as all hell anyway. But still, you know? "Oh my God! And then the little boy just PHOTOSHOPPED HIMSELF OUT OF THE PAINTING!"

"It started when I was three years old. One night I awoke to find a small child-like figure in my bed with me. He was about 2 feet tall and had the features of a small child, but its head was swollen well beyond a normal size. It was wearing a blue gown with the hands not visible at the end of the sleeves. It was moving its mouth and talking in gibberish. The figure was as real as I was, and it was surrounded by a kind of glowing haze. I ran to my parents' bedroom and woke up my dad, but, of course, he told me to go back to sleep." OH MY GOD.

"One night they both awoke to find the Raggy Ann dolls sitting up in bed laughing at them." I am never sleeping again.

"And then the dreams started. Over and over I kept seeing the barn. I remember it so clear. And I saw a face looking inside. A dark evil face. And I heard all different voices calling out my first name. Over and over I heard my name, Jenny. Jenny. Even a Jennifer. And as much as I'd try to get away I couldn't, I just kept getting closer and closer to the barn as if I was floating. I kept seeing blood and hearing animal cries. I finally woke up to find my friends screaming as well. We were all terrified. And we all had the same dreams. We could not sleep. It was as if the barn was calling to us, even while we were awake. We all felt a need to go back. Something was luring us to it. " But... but... I need to sleep! I have to sleep sometime!

"With messages like 'We Know, Go' it really adds to the feeling like you're being watched. " Also notable: the teddy bear hanged by the neck until dead. I wonder what his crime was.

You know, I don't even know how I ended up here. This one isn't even a haunting--it's just true crime. Just ordinary stranglings. Committed by a ten-year-old girl.

For real, I slept with my Galadriel doll a lamp on all night last night after reading this shit. That, and I have a barely-suppressed terror of seeing something behind me in the mirror in broad daylight anyway (I think I got this from The Ring. And of course my bathroom has giant mirrors in it), so now I'm expecting to wake up with stuffed animals strung up from the ceiling and GO AWAY painted on the walls and dead blue ghost babies sleeping in the bed next to me. And I have class tomorrow, y'all! I need my sleep!

By the way, seriously? So much of this shit seems to happen in New Jersey. I think the whole site is nothing but New Jersey hauntings. Remind me never, ever to go there.

(You know, so says the girl who used to read "Thirteen Alabama Ghosts" and lived down the street from the Aqua Velva Ghost. Yeah, we have no room to talk down here.)