September 25th, 2004

msauvage purple

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I can't stop listening to that song so depressed please send help stop.

Seriously, I think I may have to force myself to listen to something more cheerful, like that Pearl Jam song about the kid who kills his girlfriend in a car accident.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Sam has somehow scraped his foot coming home from the vet--probably walking through the parking lot to the car--and is bleeding all over the house. He seems impervious to this, actually, and we've been chasing him around with Neosporin and paper towels, trying to scrub out little red pawprints in the carpet that just got steam-cleaned last night (no kidding) and bind up his foot and hold him still. (Aww. Now he has a little Band-Aid around his foot. "That's going to be hell to get off," I say. "I don't care," my mother says in a tone of total exasperation.)

I've started trying to run my file-moving software, but it got hung up on the "gathering files" step. Which doesn't surprise me--I have only about 9 gigs' worth, but because they're all relatively small image files, there are tens of thousands. Fnarr. Am amusing myself making icons. (Since pictures were hard to find, I've included the source pictures and bases, if you feel like making your own. Hey, whatever keeps me from jumping out of a window from music-induced despair at this point, man.) Ah, well.