October 5th, 2004

galadriel mist

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Ugh. I feel really logy lately. I just want to not work and crawl into bed and doze... all the time. And I'm not even unhappy at all--I feel quite content. But I'd say that I'm probably depressed, at least in a physical sense. I don't even have much to say at the moment, but I feel like I should pop my head up and assure everyone that I'm alive, and not in jail on a double homicide charge or anything.

It's nice to be done with the paper (got a B+/88, which seems to be pretty good, compared to other people I talked to) and the midterm, although now I get to worry about the giant paper and its assorted mini-assignment spawn.

Been spending more time at Television Without Pity now that the fall season has started up and I don't have night classes anymore:

An interesting insight from Kim on the Bachelor recap at TWOP: "In case you wondered why sometimes pretty people think they are funny when they aren't, here's why. People laugh at their jokes to try to get in their pants." This explains so much, really.

A nice moment from TARcon: Her hat says, "Certified Ox Repair."

The Lost recap: Dan Kwa is having none of our speculation on the forums (and I admit, this show has finally prompted me to delurk after being registered for nearly two years): OH, COME ON, SHE SO TOTALLY DID!

Also, people made me some totally awesome Lost icons. Like, painfully awesome: Eight over here and also "IA IA! POLAR BEAR FHTAGN!" (scroll down for link to actual icons).