October 7th, 2004

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After I made my enraged "Screw the VP debates, I know who I'm voting for!" proclamation, which was flippant at best, someone asked me--anonymously, curiously enough--who I'd chosen. I think Invincible Girl explains it better than I can. And that's why I didn't care about the debates--because I'm basing my vote on four years of actions--actions that terrify me--and not hot air batted back and forth by two people, both of whom are probably bullshitting like it's going out of style, and one of whom will be elected and may or may not remember a damn thing he said once the count is final.

And like Invincible Girl, I feel a cold, nauseous political fatigue, partly because I live in Alabama (just as she lives in Texas), and I know that my vote isn't going to count for much, thanks to the electoral college. But I've got to put it in just in case. The last election was the first I could vote in, because I turned 18 two months too late to vote four years before, and it nearly broke my heart. And that was before we even knew how bad it was going to get. I'm not sure I can bear it this time.

And the really sad thing is? I don't care what people say--by voting for Kerry, I will be voting for a conservative on election day. And that's one of the saddest things about this election--of the only two candidates with a ghost of a chance of actually getting elected, one of them is conservative, and the other one is... even more conservative.

Also, the other one looks like a monkey.