October 23rd, 2004

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Holy crap, it's 7 pm already? I've been working on this all afternoon. Hell.

Good news: Have solved the problem of the first scene. Haven't written it, but free-wrote until the logistics took shape, and I worked out who was going where and why and who knew about it. I've also written up some fairly decent dialogue scenes from rough notes I already had on file, so a little progress has been made.

Bad news: Pie is gone, yet we hunger Hungry, but no food in the house. Actually, there's tons of food in the house, but nothing that adds up to anything I want to eat. I hate that. And I'm pretty sure that eating something would get me back on track with the fourth chapter, because I feel kind of wilted at the moment.
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Nnnnnnngggg. Took a two-hour nap break, ate junk food. Blarg. Sister Girl has turned on the heat, which VEXES ME. Am getting into a huge diva mood. Like I'm going to start stomping around the house shouting, "I AM AN ARTEEEEEST! I CANNOT WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS! I MUST HAVE THE MACARONI WITH THE POWDERED CHEESE! PHILISTINES!"

Maybe I should stop listening to Britney Spears. Do you think that would help?

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