October 29th, 2004

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The Omen's on AMC at 7 pm tonight--man, I will never forget the first time I saw that movie. I think it had just been put out on DVD or remastered or something, because it was a fairly new edition, and we all piled into someone's tiny dorm room to watch it. And tinier than usual, y'all--the TV was on one side of a bed against a wall, and for various reasons, we didn't all feel comfortable sitting on the bed. In fact, I think I was the only girl there at the time, with three or four guys, and while we were all friends... well, I didn't know some of they guys as well as I knew others. And you can imagine that the guys didn't want squish up all close on a bed [cooties! GAY COOTIES!]. So we ended up crunching up in a six-feet-long by three-feet-deep space between the wall and the bed. I'm talking, like, Indian-style and knees up to our chests and God forbid your leg fell asleep. And all of this in a hushed dark, with a fairly large TV--it was like having the movie on the inside of your eyelids. And for this particular movie, it was extremely effective.

And then, after we finished the movie, we watched the extras. If you're the least bit superstitious, y'all, or sitting in a tiny pitch-black dorm room after midnight, don't watch these. The stories the producer or director or whoever told about the "curse" on the movie were FREAKISH. I'm having to dip into the IMDB trivia because I don't remember them all, but it was shit like, "The writer's plane was struck by lighting and my hotel was bombed and then this plane Gregory Peck ended up not taking crashed and everyone was killed and then there was this plane? That crashed into this car? And the woman and children in the car? WERE THE PILOT'S WIFE AND KIDS OMFG." Like, it's one thing to be like, "Hee hee, Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning while they were making The Passion! Guess we know what God thought about THAT movie!" It's another for six different people to be sitting there on the DVD extras like, "And then after the sixteenth car crash that week alone, the moon turned red and the seas were filled with blood. Kinda made it hard to film that scene right there. Car rentals were a bitch, too."

(I won't even tell you about the time when I was a freshman and didn't yet have my own computer so I was in the computer center and, while I would later live in the building right next door, I was then living in the freshman dorms on top of the hill, so it wasn't an inconvenient walk exactly, but it was a long enough walk that you would get a little freaked out really late at night, and I'd spent the whole evening at snopes.com wasting time and reading up on freaky urban legends, particularly the creepy old shit like the one about THE GIRL WHO DOESN'T TURN ON THE LIGHT AND HER ROOMMATE IS REALLY DEAD AHHH, and then I had to walk back to my room, WHICH I SHARED WITH VALERIE, sometime after ten that night AHHHHHHH. Man. Good times. I miss college.)

(P.S. Of course I ended up checking out what was new while I was at Snopes. Holy hell, I'd never seen this one before. If you're scared of clowns... don't read this.)