November 11th, 2004

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Apparently we're giving all the Lost characters their own countries, so I'ma have to go with Sawyerland, Sayidistan, Jackstralia, Katebabwe, Clairentina, Sunisia, Jinway, Hurleguay, Boonzil, and Snickerbitchapan. And Rose, if she ever comes back, can be Rose New Guinea. And maybe we can have, like, the United Charlie Emirates or Trinidad and Mercutio or something. Mercutio's Kid should totally be El Waltador. Vincent, of course, gets the Labrador Peninsula. I can't improve on fanofall's "Locke Lomond."

ETA: I was trying to get to sleep last night, and suddenly I sat bolt upright and said out loud, "Charlie Arabia!"

We also need to amend Jinway to Jinmark. Claire needs a new name because "Clairentina" is too twee, as it actually sounds like a real name (and an awful one at that). (Clairwan? Clairwaii?) Mercutio was really hard anyway, but he needs a new one, too (Mercutiopia? Bosnia-Mercutiovina?), because I just realized that Scott and Steve (who will apparently show up again) totally need to be Stevedad and Scottbago, because I can't tell them apart anyway.
msauvage purple


I'm going to try to be as clear about this as possible:

1. My icons are sort of crap minimalist. In fact, some of them this time turned out kinda sucky. Please feel free to redo them or make your own. Go to if you need pictures, because they have, like, 600-900 screen caps per episode.

2. I have no problem with anyone making any sort of icon ever, or taking any of mine, because what the hell am I going to do with all of these anyway? Take take take!

3. If the question is, "Do you mind if I...?," the answer 99.9% of the time is going to be "Go for it."

Also: We have two sets of icons here, but they're all lumped into one folder together (take take take). There are icons made specifically from the "Confidence Man" recap (I can't believe I made a "Dear Cameraman: Pull back a few inches" icon, but I did), and then there are "country" icons. You know, "Snickerbitchapan" and "El Waltador" and all that stuff we were talking about last night. It's kinda smurfy, but it was fun, and I needed a little cheering up today. So we have Charlie Arabia (with bonus PB reference), "Sawyer, Sworn Enemy of Cavetown," Clairwaii, the Clairibbean (tm netninny--y'all came up with a ton of good Claire/Babymama ones, though), the Doomrador Peninsula, the Jackstralian Outback, Katebabwe, Bosnia-Mercutiovina, Luxemboone (tm netninny--although we had a strong pull for Boonegladesh, also from netninny), Snickerbitchapan, Stevedad and/or Scottbago, and sunny El Waltador. Sayidistan got thrown in with the regular episode icons (below). I haven't done anything for Sunisia, Jinmark, Hurleguay, or Locke Lomond (tm fanofall).

Regular episode samples:

Again, feel free to make better versions of any of these, because... some of them kinda suck, y'all. "The Good Ship Charlie Loves Babymama" deserves better. And I imagine you can make icons of any of the country names I didn't use, as long as you put something like "(tm username)" in your icon credit.