November 17th, 2004

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Things I can't tell you about:

>> Ginger just sent me some preliminary artwork for the book cover. I realized once I saw it that I'd been afraid that they would do some very chick-lit looking cover, like, swirly pink font on white or something. Which is nice and all, but I don't really want people walking past it in a bookstore to be like, "Oh, that's a GIRL BOOK." And it's sad, but it's true--it's that old advertising chestnut that girls will buy "boy things" or go to boy movies, but boys won't buy "girl things." (Think of Disney movies, and how much more popular Aladdin was than, say, Mulan. I mean, of course there are plenty of exceptions, and quality--say, Beauty and the Beast--often trumps gender division, but... you know.) So I'm happy with the style they're going with so far.

>> A contestant from The Apprentice who shall remain nameless interviewed for a job with my mom's company. She might or might not actually be working in the same office as Mom, but Mom did get to meet her anyway. And since Mom loves that show, she said it was all she could do the whole time to be like, "After the way you've acted on that show, why would ANYONE want to hire you?" Here's the sad thing: if you're trying to guess which contestant it was, you cannot rule out a single woman on that show based on that statement. The whole cast this season is awful. (I only watch what I catch over my parents' shoulders while I'm downstairs getting tea or something, but I read all the TWOP recaps. They all come off as idiots, and nasty to each other besides.)

Things I can tell you:

>> It's Lostnesday! Whee! Apparently they're also going to move Alias to the Bachelor's slot after they finish up the current Bachelor season, because Desperate Housewives is currently rocking the Alias slot. That's a pretty smart move, actually. I'm kind of sad I didn't start watching Alias when it first started, because I sort of feel daunted by the idea of jumping into it now. (I did watch that one episode they pimped out right after the Super Bowl but... that's about it.) That, and I hear it's kinda started sucking. So... there's that.

>> I realized I hadn't played Kingdom of Loathing in a while, and of course I get there and they have all this new stuff. Dammit. My stats aren't high enough to get too far into the new dungeon, so I guess I'll have to work on that. The funniest new thing they added: "goofballs" (read: crack rock) on the Wrong Side of the Tracks.

>> I hadn't played Neopets in a good long time (shut up! I was trying to goof off a little after that presentation yesterday!), and of course they've got tons of new stuff, but that's pretty much par for the course. You'd think I would have racked up more stuff after three frickin' years, not counting the year or two I played before that on a different account, but no. I'm not so great with the flash games. I'm a Grand Master at, like, solitaire and pyramids. I wish they'd come up with a Neopets mahjongg game, because I could whup up on that. And not get any work done, so... that's probably for the best.
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Lost 1:9, "Solitary"

You know, it's a shame David Fury wrote an episode so awesome that I'm pretty sure we all spent the whole evening expecting some equally earthshattering revelation about Sayid. I probably sound a little cranky, but I did like the episode. It felt kind of uneven, but I think I felt more snark than squee tonight, so don't take the recap as an indication of the episode quality. Collapse )