November 21st, 2004

msauvage purple

An almost entirely parenthetical entry

Today's horoscope: Did you expect that report to write itself? Time to stop putting it off. Shut up, horoscope.

(Seriously, shut up. The annot. bibliog. isn't even due until Tuesday! I quease! Shut up!)

(Oh, fine... you're right.)

Doing a little better today; still queasy, still having a hard time eating. I'm still kinda sick, even after 24 hours, which surprises me. (I would tell you more, but... let's just say I have TMItis.) Mom came in sometime around twelve and was all like, "You must write that paper! You have to get up! You have to fight!" Whatever, Atreyu--I've got your number. You just want me to finish it tonight so that you can drag me off to National Treasure tomorrow, and I really don't want to see a silly action-adventure movie where the handsome leading man is tragically outmaneuvered by Nicolas Cage. ("That isn't really..." "IT IS IN MY WORLD.")

(Damn, is Diane Kruger in this movie, too? She's just determined to glom onto Troy survivors, isn't she?)

(PS. While I was poking around looking for that link in the previous parenthetical comment, I found Phantom of the Opera pictures. A lot of them, including behind the scenes and costume stuff. You may have seen them already--I've been out of it since my quasi-abandonment of the Digest. Since the second Black Ribbon series is set in Paris at what looks to be roughly the same period, I am intrigued. Also, I just like Emmy Rossum. Shockingly, I have never read or seen any version of Phantom, except for the first half of a TV miniseries I secretly stayed up to see when I was eleven or so. Good times.)

(Unable to put nipples on any of the costumes, Joel "I Killed the Batman Franchise" Schumacher would not rest until his fetish had been satisfied.)

(Speaking of Black Ribbon 2--Minnie Driver, why are you dressed up as my character Bijou? Which is to say, in a less Cleocentric way, tone down the bitchface and you totally have one of my new characters. Weeeeeeeird.)

(Man, Minnie Driver, don't get angry.)

(Well, crap. I hit the wrong button and accidentally posted the entry before it was done. So if you saw it and then it disappeared, that's what happened.)

(Whee! Also tons of Lemony Snicket pictures!)

I'm going to go try another bowl of soup (oatmeal this morning did not so much work). But first, I leave you with another meme I've seen floating around: What should my T-shirt slogan be?