November 30th, 2004



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It's been that kind of day, you know? I had my alarm set for eight, but apparently I hit "off" and rolled back over while still completely unconscious, because not only do I not remember turning the alarm off, I didn't wake up until 10 am, either. I have to leave for class at about 10:20, and I wanted to wash my hair and have breakfast and check my email, so... not so much with any of that today. Fnarr. I haven't had time for anything else to screw up yet, so cross your fingers for me.

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There will be no Veronica Mars recap this week as I, uh, kinda slept through the show. (Dammit.) I've pretty much given up on doing last week's as well. Really, I think it's the stress--and the school stress should be totally over in a week, so just hang on for a little while.

(So many more people read the Lost recaps that I'll see if I can't manage that one.)

So. Trying to empty out my head and do something relatively mindless--which icon style do you like better: Collapse )