December 7th, 2004

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Phone posts!

Going through some old phone posts I made when I was in New Orleans (this past July, because I am a moron), and I realized I actually have the proper pronunciation of "OMG" recorded within them, for those of you who may have wondered. They're all brief--I think the longest is less than three minutes--and I'm only reposting the better ones.

"I've think I've been on zoo trains faster than this"

"We're here on the Lovely Car of Snacking"

"It was ooh--ooh--not--ooh"

"Whaaaat? You don't have change? You don't have TWO DOLLARS? WHAT. EVER."

"I can't even imagine what it must be like for Yankees to come down here and just be like, 'OMG the heat is soooo oppressive, ahhh!' "

I think I must be the only person ever who isn't freaked out by the sound of her own voice. I'm always kind of fascinated by how different it sounds, rather than horrified. It's me! Yet it's totally not! WEIRD. So if I suddenly start making a lot of phone posts, humor me, okay?

(If it makes you feel any better, I'm totally averse to photographs.)

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Quick question: How does one pronounce "chai," as in, the tea? (Ironically, I'm all up in the correct pronunciation of more Jewish exotic "ch" words like "chutzpah" and "Chanukkah" and "challah," but give me a simple word like "chai" and I'm stumped.)

ETA: Thanks, guys. : )
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Eee! Today has been a good day, despite not getting much of worth done. I'm still struggling through Samson Agonistes, which we have to read (cold, no class discussion) for the final. But I did get an early Christmas present from Vladimir in the mail today, and it happens to be the Sideshow Weta Galadriel bust. It's a lot smaller than you'd think (which is a good thing)--maybe eight inches high. Now, Vladimir is the real Weta collector here (you should hear him go on about the blissful smell of polystone), but he did point out that it was a limited-edition piece and if anyone should have a Galadriel bust, it should be me (see icon). Tis verreh pretteh and looks very nice on the shelf over my desk with the dolls. (Galadriel Doll approves).

Also: I have ordered Vladimir's Second Christmas Present, which will be very exciting. Whee!

Meanwhile, tis the season of corporate gifts. The first gift basket Mom's brought home had a box of Poppycock (basically caramel corn), a box of Ghirardelli chocolate with carmelized almonds (which she prompty absconded with), and a tin of those Danish butter cookies that you see so often near the holidays. I just suddenly realized how good those cookies are a couple of years ago, so this is one of the little things I look forward to muchly each Christmas.

Back to reading and recording: I don't know what the deal is with the sound quality, but the "Phantom of the Fiction Workshop" clip is awful. The New Orleans posts were recorded on a much less spiffy Nokia over the summer, and they sound crystal clear. I get a brand new future-sleek Samsung, and you can't hear for shit. So I don't know. I thought my new computer came with a microphone... I'll look into that, and see if I can't record something on a piece of equipment other than a cell phone. I like doing readings, though--particularly when I'm alone in the room and no one's staring at me--so I may try to do more. I would do some of the "Movies in Fifteen Minutes," but... really, I don't know how long you can go on muttering the speaker's name and then reading the line. I heard Horton Foote--or maybe it was Shelby Foote. It was a Foote. I know that much--read a new play he'd written at a writer's conference a few years back, and it was excruciating. He read the whole thing, and he read that whole thing thusly: "Alice:howareyou? John:I'mfine. Alice:Johnit'sgoodtohearthat." I can't read for pages on end like that, nor would I inflict it on you.

P.S. No, I will not be performing "Novellas of the Night" for anyone ever any time soon.
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