December 8th, 2004

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Y'all still fired up about making a difference? Well, here's something everyone can help out with, regardless of where you live:

invidereliana posted about her frustration with fundraising earlier this week--politicians won't help, feel-good TV shows won't help, and the family doesn't have enough money to deal with her mother's illness but still has too much to qualify for most government programs:

I posted to my LJ about real emergencies like my Mum has a very rare cancer, her medical bills have bankrupted us and are still mounting (over $200,000) and to top it off my Dad may be out of work in a week or two due to outsourcing for the second time in four years. Then my Mum will have no insurance and no medical care to be sure she survives this cancer.

This is a legitimate cause and you can get proof on her fundraising site set up by friends who have checked out the validity of her needs.

She loves to write but is stranded in bed due to chronic pain. She wanted a laptop for Christmas last year, but because her medical care is so high, after 5 surgeries in one year (insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, things insurance doesn't cover like 8 trips to Mayo Clinic this past year, hotels, gas, etc) we can't afford one. Not this year either! [...] I'm happy that people are kind and caring enough to help others but what about people like my Mum?

A popular writer in the Harry Potter fandom suffered a break-in earlier this week, and enough money was raised to cover the value of the stolen items within hours. I'm not saying there's any way we can raise everything this family needs, but the need here is pretty dire, and we can make a difference. I'm basically putting out a call for everyone who wants to help out to chip in a dollar. I mean, clearly you can give more, but before you scroll on down to the next entry on your friends list, ask yourself--a dollar's easy, right? I don't know how much I can pony up, since I won't get paid again until I turn the book in, but I'm personally going to put together as much as I can. If someone can help out with a laptop--a good deal, a good refurbished one, an unneeded spare, I don't know--we might want to see about that, too, but I know how much illness can drain your finances from the months my grandfather spent in the hospital before he passed on, so a general collection to put out some of their financial fires is fine, too.

If you'd like to make invidereliana's own Christmas a little merrier, she also has a small wishlist up at holiday_wishes. I think someone's gotten her the Lemony Snicket book, but, like I was, she's looking for an authentically blue-and-bronze Ravenclaw scarf. Since it's too late to put in custom orders and get them in by Christmas, is there any way we can help out with a ready-made one from somewhere? (ETA: We now seem to have this covered.)

If you give to (and thank you for that), PLEASE log how much (or what) you gave here. No one will see this but me, and it doesn't matter how much you give; we just want to tally how much we've raised due to people linking to this recently on LJ (or FW). Once we get an updated tally, we'll be able to set a fundraising goal (a new "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" may be involved).
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Okay--if you guys don't mind, I'd like to know how much readers of this journal--i.e., people who donated because they heard about here--have donated, so that we can tally it up. Correction/update: Since this has caught on across LJ, we're going with anyone who donated because they heard about it on LJ (or FW), period. If you don't have a LJ, you can leave an "anonymous" comment below with or without your name, and I'll add it in. I've made it so that no one sees the answers but me (and if it were possible to let people answer anonymously, I would have done that). I honestly don't care who donated what, and I'm not checking off a list of usernames or anything. I just want to be able to come up with a total so we can say, "See, even when you pitch in just a dollar, it makes a difference!"

How much did you donate to

Write in whatever you want. Basically I'm looking for answers in the "$1.00" format, but if you did end up contributing an item instead of cash, write that in, too. If you weren't able to donate, that is totally okay--I was flat crap-ass broke last year and wouldn't have been able to do anything myself. But if you can, and if you did, please let me know so I can gauge the sum of y'all's efforts. : )

ETA 12/10/04 3 pm: Mom says we're up to about $1904, including things in the mail that haven't reached Sapphire yet, but not including donations only mentioned in the comments (like anonymous/non-LJ people), which I'll have to check against the master list and add in later.

I'm going to go ahead and talk about some unrelated things in this entry so that we keep the fundraising part on top for a while:

1. There will be no Lost recap tonight. I can do it tomorrow, however. I will definitely be watching the show (The Good Ship OMG!), but I'm taping it so I can watch it again and do a proper recap tomorrow, because today is Come to Jesus Day (as my mother would say) in terms of getting my paper done and reading Samson Agonistes and studying for the exam, all of which are tomorrow.

2. These are ridiculously expensive, but I did just get an email from the New Line store about "authentic" Elvish cloaks and scarves for sale.

3. Speaking of which, all these Elvish cloaks and Ravenclaw scarves have given me this urge to... knit. My grandmother taught me a little when I was really young, but I've forgotten it, mostly. I'm starting to think I might make it a New Year's resolution to learn to knit. Thoughts? Suggestions for beginners?