December 13th, 2004


This and that

Working on FOTR in 15M. I will listen to "Cool Rider" if it'll help me get the job done (and it will. Vladimir will know what I'm talking about). I have no pride.

Two truths and a lie: The lie is that my second cousin roomed with Julia Roberts. She actually roomed with Sandra Bullock.

Yet another stolen POA in 15M. I'm not giving out the link because I don't want a pile-on, but--I just totally don't understand. Why would you post the whole thing in your journal without so much as a "Hey, I didn't write this"? I'm not real keen on people "posting [unlocked] copies for themselves in their journals" (especially since the m15m comm is currently unlocked and there's a permanent archive/backup at Fiction Alley) but at least make it clear that's what you're doing.

I guess I'm going to watch Legend of Earthsea tonight, if only because I've always been curious about the Earthsea books but never actually read them. Also, I like Shawn Ashmore. Also-also, it's better than working. (Shhhh. I didn't say that.)

I like my little hamster-wheel mood icon.

ETA: I just accidentally posted the m15m fundraiser entry to this journal instead. I are teh smart.

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I ought to mention that I've posted about the fundraiser on m15m, where you can put in a vote for Lemony Snicket or Phantom as the next "Fifteen Minutes." Snicket pulled out with an early lead, but it's currently getting whomped by Phantom. Also? We've cleared $3000 on the fundraising. Yay!

Hmm. Looks like Dan Kwa won't be recapping Lost anymore. I have no idea who'll replace him, but they've got a few weeks to pick someone. I have a few favorites I'm hoping for. (Don't even ask--I'm pretty sure they're not hiring new people, and my recaps have a looser, less accurate quality than I think TWOP is looking for. Not that I couldn't change that, but... anyway.)

Oh, and an extra hug for renne, because she needs it today.
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Now is not the time for writer's block. Now is not the time for writer's block. Now is not the time for writer's block.

From the latest Harper Collins newsletter:


If you live anywhere near New York, you should also be sure to avoid the following dreadful occurrence.

Lemony Snicket in "A Very Fortunate Event"
January 8, 2005 2:00-3:15
365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street in Manhattan
Lemony Snicket will be making a rare appearance to discuss A Series of Unfortunate Events. Order tickets at or by calling 1-888-NYT-1870.

NYers, I trust you not to let me down.

In other news: Ooooooooo--Ursula K. LeGuin, she mad. Can't say I blame her, either.