December 16th, 2004

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Yesterday's horoscope (

Quickie: You're miles ahead of the pack. You can afford to rest a little.

Overview: You're not exactly famous for being shy or a wallflower, and your outspokenness will be running on high for the next couple of days. Take full advantage. Say it all.

Ah, Horoscope of Irony, I love you so. I, uh, didn't so much get to go to the HRC meeting. Clifton, My Gay Boyfriend, called me at about ten till seven and said, "Uh, I'm still half an hour out town. Traffic is horrible... We're not going to make it, are we?" So we're going to find out when the next one is and go to that. Sigh. And I ended up staying home and making pralines with Mom and the two of us watching Lost. (Different kind of sigh.)

On the up side, I did get an email from the president of the Alabama Library Association, which read in part:

At this moment I have formed a subcommittee of the Alabama Library Association's Executive Council and we are working on an appropriate response to Rep. Allen's bill. Meanwhile, I would suggest that you can address the situation in the following ways. One is to encourage people to contact their state legislators (I see you have already done so). Just in case anyone needs it, there's a very easy way online to find out who your legislators are and how to contact them. See to locate your legislator by zipcode. In addition to sending legislators e-mail messages, it would also be useful if people sent in an actual letter objecting to the bill. If possible, people might want to set up a brief appointment with their legislators to express their opposition in person.

Finally, as ammunition, it would be worthwhile for people to consult the American Library Association's "Freedom to Read Statement" and "Intellectual Freedom and Censorship Q. & A." available online at and .

Meanwhile, I seem to have gotten over my massive academic guilt and embarrassment long enough to get back to working on the book. (An incomplete, for those of you not familiar with the American college system, is... well, I don't know much about it myself, but apparently you get an "I" instead of a grade for the semester, and then you have until the end of the next semester to finish the work. My professor had actually mentioned that I might want to take one a couple of months ago, and I remember a couple of people in class blithely mentioning that they didn't have time to finish their papers, so they would take one, too. It's not all that shameful in and of itself--my embarrassment comes more from not turning things in and ending up with the frickin' D that necessitated the incomplete in the first place.)

Sister Girl herself isn't doing too well at the moment--she came home yesterday, just miserable, because she'd only finished three or four of the eleven dishes she was supposed to make for her final. She'd run out of time and she's convinced she's failed. She's off today taking the written part of the exam, but... man. She asked for a lot of bakeware for Christmas, and it's going to be really awkward if she, you know, fails out of cooking school. I think her problem mostly is that she's missed a lot of class, and even though a friend of hers came over to the house and practiced all kinds of sauces and made omelettes and pan-fried chicken (!) with her, she's still unsure of what she's doing, and on top of that, her perfectionist tendencies are tripping her up. (She's one of these types who'd rather not do something than not do it perfectly... and thus, she doesn't get a lot done. I have a feeling this is also why I don't finish a lot of the stories I start writing.) I suggested to Mom that the chef might grade on a curve, you know, based on how long it took other people to finish--if a majority of the class came in with, say, eight dishes, Sister Girl's four doesn't look quite as bad. Mom, under her breath: "Everyone else finished all eleven." Oh.

But she's gone to take the written final now, and I'm home--Mom and I finished watching the end of Prisoner of Azkaban over lunch, you know, like, a month after we started watching it. But she really liked it. Now I want to get started on the ROTK EE, but... I have no idea where to start. Collapse )

Still catching up on comments and thank-yous--ooo, Christmas cards from illmantrim, atorable, and adinasauce! Thank you so much!

A few random things:

I did watch Veronica Mars, but recaps are pretty much suspended until the book's done. (Which is fine, because I don't think there are any new episodes of anything until after Christmas.) Daniel--not Dan Kwa, not djb, but one of the other Daniels--has been put in charge of the Lost recaps at TWOP, in case you were wondering.

Did you know that, while it's not on the menu, you can order cheese Danish or "a Bucket o' Fries" ($5.99) at McDonalds? Sister Girl's friend who worked there says it is so.

Apparently knitting is the new punk rock thing to do. I had no idea.

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