January 10th, 2005

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Having not had dinner, I went downstairs a little before midnight just now to grab a Slimfast, and I realized that I had been at the computer working nonstop since 9 am. So, basically, about fifteen hours. Damn.

I still feel terribly guilty about going ahead and doing the Phantom 15M, but I was going to feel guilty anyway, I guess--guilty for doing it and guilty for not doing it, since I had promised. So I made myself work on the AOTC 15M for the book, both yesterday and today, before I could work on Phantom, and then just got down to work and tried to get it out of the way and just feel guilty and be done with it. And it was a lot of fun, and probably the easiest "Fifteen Minutes" since Troy, or maybe even Van Helsing.

(And now I really want to go back and see the movie again, because this time I'll actually be able to enjoy it for its cheesy, swoony pleasures, and not cackle hysterically through the whole thing.)

And then I realized that I have class tomorrow, and with it, my first reading assignment. I'm so used to having T/TH classes that it feels weird to have to have things done on a Monday. Also, I was looking over the reading and thinking that it was less than the Milton readings, on average, until I realized that it was three reading assignments a week instead of two. Oh. Yeah. Not less.

Dammit, I totally forgot about Carnivàle coming on tonight. Given the overdueness of the book, I think I may have to scrap plans to recap that anyway--I may have to stop doing Veronica Mars as well. For some reason, I enjoy Veronica more when I don't have to recap it, and I enjoy Lost more when I do. I don't know. But I have a feeling that I need to stop finding things to stuff into my schedule.
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For some reason, I can't eat. I'm just... not hungry. I'm actually kind of hyper, too, which is weird--I think it's a side effect of my cold medicine, because I switched from Tylenol Sinus to Drixoral. But in the last 48 hours, I've had two Slimfasts and a sandwich. That can't be good.

Heard back from my agent--the Matrix looks fine, she says. Which is basically what I needed to hear--that it's okay, it works, and by extension the rest of the (completely unfinished but extensively drafted) book will work, because it's all pretty much like that. After doing Phantom this weekend, I did realize something (yes, something else) about the whole process, as well: the better the movie, the further afield I have to go for the funny. Like, dragging in something else one of the actors was in, or adding some surreal, loopy element. And say what you will about The Matrix, but the FIRST movie is extremely well-made. Great pacing, great story, great action sequences. It's when they made the sequels that the thing started to wander all over the place.

But if the movie--no matter how much I enjoy it; "good" and "enjoyable" are not necessarily the same thing--is sort of... well, I don't even want to label it, but if it's a Phantom of the Opera or a Van Helsing, you can pretty much just transcribe what's happening and it's dead funny. I almost feel guilty taking credit for it, you know? I just wrote down what I saw. Granted, I bring a certain way of seeing things to the table, I guess.

Speaking of which: it's time for the official Just Because I Wrote a Parody Doesn't Mean I Didn't Like It speech that I have to give out every few months. Collapse )

P.S. I think most of y'all have been over at m15m, but there are a couple of icon entries up over there, too, and we'll probably be adding more. I feel bad spamming everyone over and over again, but... really, it'll probably be weeks before I put another movie up. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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