January 16th, 2005

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Well, damn. Finally my journal is back up--I'm on the chef cluster, so I don't even know if the entry before this is the last one I wrote. I can't remember--do y'all remember replying to another entry that isn't here now?

I'll tell you what I really missed about Livejournal--it wasn't my own journal at all. Honestly, all I did was work yesterday, and I didn't have a damn thing to say anyway. What I missed were my constant friends-list hits of music recs, celebrity gossip, movie trailers, hot actor picspam, political news, fresh-baked icons, RSS feeds, and bloggers who can actually spell. My friends list is basically a microcosm of everything I like on the internet fed onto a single page--no wonder I'm addicted to it. The people on other sites who've been making fun of emo teenies wailing for their lost journals all weekend--well, let me put it this way: if you think Livejournal is nothing but a bunch of middle-schoolers posting bad poetry about their latest experiments in cutting, maybe that's because you don't know anyone cool.

(And this was Hogsmeade weekend at hogwartsishome, y'all! Damn.)

Spent today with Grandma--Friday was her birthday, so today we had the big family lunch. Also, my parents went to see Phantom of the Opera, so we had a big roundtable dishing about movies, basically. George's verdict is that "it's a shame they didn't get a Phantom who could sing." My rebuttal is that George is not the audience they cast this Phantom for, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Also, my aunt, uncle, and cousin ganged up on us and convinced us to go rent buy Napoleon Dynamite, and I think I've convinced Grandma to watch the Golden Globes tonight so she can see clips from The Aviator; we bonded over a mutual love of young Katharine Hepburn while the roast finished cooking.

(I'm such a loser this year, y'all. For something like three years running, I had this huge awards season section on the Digest with weekly columns about who was in the running for what, and I'd do huge Globes and Oscar recaps, and this year I didn't even hear about the Globes until yesterday. I suck. P.S. I think The Aviator will win. It's the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, after all. Also, cross your fingers for Cate.)

Sigh. Back to work it is.
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