January 20th, 2005

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So. Vladimir has finished translating White Jazz (so proud of him!), while I am still stuck running behind, plus my right eye has started twitching again from too much computer usage. I still can't believe how sweet y'all were in that entry from the other day, though--"I do believe in funny" was just a throwaway comment that I didn't expect people to actually run with. Bless. The funny seems to be picking up a little, too, so maybe all that clapping worked. : )

Assorted news and points of interest:

I love this story, and almost want to write a movie about it.

"Shrieking Frogs Unnerve Hawaiian Island." And that island's nerves were already shot after nearly failing that final, let me tell you what.

I think I got this from anne_jumps: a MST of a new Jack Chick tract ("Not only does the Prince of Darkness have a gaggle of ugly hooded demons with no opposable thumbs and a permanent case of full body psoriasis, but he also has a lousy tailor. Damn, go to Men’s Wearhouse or something").

renne has started a new lost_australia community for Lost fans in... well, Australia. I think the show is starting there soon? And believe me, y'all will be glad to have a place to discuss the show away from us spoilerhounds. (I think there are a couple of other comms, but Renne was saying that they hadn't really caught fire, so she was going to set up one of her own. Hence my offer to pimp it here.)

I love you, Cimorene!

Speaking of icons, I'm going to make a general-interest m15m post on the subject, but make sure you check the memories--under the keyword "Icons," I've saved some really good large-batch icon posts. I can't put everything people send me in memories (woe), but I have tried to put things I thought a lot of people would like--if you go through them, there are several Carlotta, creepy monkey, and "Neigh, baby" icons, as people have requested.

Sister Girl, meanwhile, is looking for someone who speaks Hawaiian to help her out with a recipe she apparently has to write for cooking school--she knows what she wants to do, just not what to call things, like "toast." I don't know. That's just what she told me to tell y'all. Anyone...?
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