January 27th, 2005


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Quickie: If you find yourself drawn to dark corridors, keep a flashlight handy.

Overview: Ready for yet another encounter with someone who has an interesting accent? Of course you are. The good news is that you'll have just that opportunity, and that you'll be just as fascinating to them as they are to you.

Just when you were wondering when someone new and interesting might cross your path, the universe has seen fit to arrange just such an encounter for you. Listen up no matter where you are for one of those accents that you so love to hear -- the kind that makes you swoon. Then be brave. Introduce yourself. They might need a guided tour of your town.

Promises, promises. Add this to "tall, dark and gorgeous" from the other day--is my horoscope trying to pimp me out, or what? And I'm still not sure what the whole Dark Corridor II: The Hallening thing up there was about.

Oscars: I'm still pissed that I went through the trouble of manually creating and fucking up an Oscar pool database last year (no, I still don't know who won the pool) when ABC had a pool game of its own. Usually I'd relied on Yahoo Games, but they didn't have a pool last year... because it had moved to Oscar.com. THANKS FOR TELLING ME, GUYS. Fnarrr. This year? We make no such mistakes. You wanna play against other readers of this journal? Join the Daily Digest group (because I'm still operating under the fantasy that the site WILL RETURN) here.

Today is Rabbit Hole Day?

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ETA: Remember the Clint Eastwood rant four entries back? Cindy Adams, NY Post (link is time sensitive):

January 27, 2005 -- The Oscars. Clint the-guy's-great East wood. Was really unhappy with the Golden Globes. Happy his "Million Dollar Baby" got the best picture nod. Not happy he didn't get best actor. His movie's got a maybe Best Actress, maybe Best Director, maybe Best Movie, maybe Best Actress, maybe best popcorn — but he was downcast at not being personally nominated. He felt — and here's the exact phrase they're telling me — "overlooked." He felt — and here's the exact phrase they're telling me — "shut out." He is now — and here's the exact phrase they're telling me — "over the moon" at the Academy Award nomination for his own acting job.
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Aight, I'ma give you a completely unrequested, free-of-charge rant right here. And let me clarify first that it's not any one person who's pissing me off; it's the fact that multiple, numerous people apparently cannot read and continue to do exactly what I asked them not to.

If you like one of the "Movies in Fifteen Minutes," I am glad. I am delighted, I am overjoyed. If you repost the entire thing on your journal/website/blog DESPITE the fact that there is a clearly stated, boldfaced warning at the end that says, "DO NOT repost this parody 1) without my name or a link back; 2) with any changes to the wording or language; or 3) in its entirety on your journal, on your website, on a message board, on fanfiction.net, or on ANY OTHER PAGE ON THE INTERNET without my written permission," I WILL find out about it, due to a little thing called Technorati, and I WILL come over to your blog, and I WILL ask you, very politely, to take it down. Really, can't you 1) save us both some time and 2) prove that you can, in fact, read?

So far I've had to ask half a dozen people about Phantom/15M alone, and each person has very kindly taken it down and apologized. Again, it's not that any one instance or person that pisses me off. It's the persistence of humanity at large to delight in posting things that do not belong to them, even after being asked not to, that drives me nuts. Why? If you want to impress your friends with funny things you found, I promise you--a link to the page will impress them as much as the whole thing, AND it takes up less space in your journal. So, in conclusion: Do not post it on your blog. Do not post it on a log. Do not post it on your site. Do not post it late at night. Do not post it on message boards. Do not post it near fjords. Do not post it on your coffee cup. Post it and I WILL FUCK YOU UP.*

* Where "fuck you up" means "request depostification in a polite and gentle manner," but that doesn't rhyme with anything.

More rants; a little linkspam

Quick linkspam:

Dominic Monaghan in Rolling Stone:

Monaghan knows the events in store for Charlie this season -- he wanted to make sure he could modulate his characterization properly -- but the cast is kept in the dark about the show's big mysteries. "It would be interesting for us to have dinner with a bunch of fans," he says. "They'd realize we talk about the same shit they do: Who's going to die next? What do you think the monster is? When are we going to cook the dog?"

This is not of the Lord, y'all. What happens if they add too many human cells and we end up with another Island of Dr. Moreau on our hands?

ETA: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Merchandise?

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