January 31st, 2005

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From: Annabelle Webster

Subject: Looking for cheap high-quality software? sequester plums

Annabelle? I sequestered the plums, but... they don't seem to be doing anything. A little help here?

I just discovered--after about three years of using this damn software, by the way--that ACDSee has an auto-resize function. Like, you highlight all the files you want, and you specify the width and the height (or the percent you want them enlarged or reduced), and it does it all for you. This may not seem all that exciting until you realize that I've downloaded tons of movie screen caps over the years that had wonky proportions, and I had to go through and manually resize them all to, say, 840 x 480 or whatever. Oh my God. I was so happy to discover this just now that I almost cried.

(Also? It will convert extensions for you. Like, all the bmps to jpgs or the jpgs to gifs. Cried, I tell you.)

DiCaprio Gets Lifetime Achievement Award. Holy crap, the guy is thirty. Yes, I know he's a great actor. THIRTY.

Jacob's new American Idol recap: "Then there is a freaky, freaky slow motion shot of Seacrest throwing beads off a balcony at an unknown, unseen figure. I feel all of a sudden like I'm in Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil and the deeds are unfolding and sins will be visited on the people." The best part is really about the hot incestuous brothers who sing "I'll Make Love to You" to each other, however, and how conflicted horrified Jacob feels over this.

(Oh, man. I am still so giddy over the image editing thing. Nerrrrrrrrrrd.)

I feel really bad for the kid who apparently lost his frog, but... do you remember the "All Your Base" clip? Where the whole Engrish video game catchphrase thing was photoshopped into approximately 1001 different pictures? Yeah. This site basically does that with the "I lost my frog" flier. Only it's web pages, not video, and it's... well, it's a little more creative. Like, Domo-kun is involved. And Guernica. And security cameras. And Hellboy. And Saruman. Here's the one that slew me.

This commercial has been banned from the Super Bowl, which is a damn shame.

From peot (One of Many Martins): Star Wars: Episode III--A Lost Hope.

Meme: If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the Internet, post this sentence in your journal.

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Update on Hopkin Green Frog:
As I noted here previously, sometime around September of 2003 some fliers appeared in Seattle, proclaiming the loss of what appeared to be a small boy’s frog.... In one of the MetaFilter threads, an enterprising researcher established that Hopkin was a toy distributed as a freebie by the McDonalds corporation. Others noted that someone had called the family and verified that the frog was indeed a toy....

The person who drew the flier is a sixteen-year-old boy who suffers from autism. His father was unaware that his son may have made more than one batch of fliers (it appears that new fliers were hung in May of 2004). He did know about the loss of the frog and I believe that he knew about the first batch of fliers.

He also did not want me to give the frog to his son. He’s forgotten it, he told me. Bringing it up again will probably only bring up a bunch of bad memories.

He was quite unaware of the interest in the frog and the flier on the internet. He reiterated that he did not think it would be a good idea to show the sites to his son.

He was pleasant throughout our conversation. But he was quite clear and firm in his opinion that reminding the child of his lost frog, even to the point of restoring it to him, would be inadvisable for the boy. On his behalf, he asks that no-one send other Hopkins to the child. I was happy to hear that apparently I have been the only person calling them about the frog. Left unstated was the suggestion that future calls will be unnecessary.

So don't feel bad for Terry. I think he'll make it through okay.