February 3rd, 2005


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AHHHHH SHIT. My glasses just spontaneously broke. Shitfire. You know where the frame curves over the lens and meets the nosepiece? Like, right there. I was just sitting here in front of the computer, working on Titanic and minding my own damn business, and the damn frame just breaks, pop! It's not a matter of a loose screw or a broken joint; the wire frame itself just snapped apropos of nothing. SHIT. I don't wear contacts and--of course!--I only have one pair of glasses. I do not have TIME for this. I have a paper and two movie parodies and about 90 pages of reading due for tomorrow. NO NO NO.

(I needed a new pair anyway. I wonder if there's any way I can go down to the little optometrist's shop on Merchant's Walk and just be like, "I was here five years ago. Pull up my records--NO, YOU DO SO HAVE MY RECORDS! YOU DO! YOU DO!--and just make me a new pair. No, I don't have time for you to poke me in the eye. I am NEARSIGHTED and my vision is twenty over SOMETHING and I have a slight ASTIGMATISM. Here's two hundred dollars, work your damn magic.")

(Dear Optometrist and Assistants: I would like to apologize in advance for any crazed grad students who may run in shrieking orders today. If you get a fruit basket tomorrow, it's from me.)

The sad thing is, I actually have pretty good vision--I think my prescription was something like 20/135. For years it was 20/75. So I can see--it's just a bitch because I'm used to seeing a hell of a lot better, and now I'm having to squint all over the place. You just know this is going to end in migraines and tears. Sigh.

ETA: Red Mountain Optometry says they think they still have my prescription, and they'll give it to me so I can go to Lenscrafters later tonight. Lenscrafters says they can do their thing in an hour. In the meantime, I'll be losing four or five hours of good reading-writing time (it will be transmuted into bad reading-writing time), but I won't have to sit in class blinking like a sun-blinded mole tomorrow, at the very least.

I am still so pissed off about the randomness and stupidness of the whole thing that I could cry.)
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Heh. Vladimir just got back from a press screening of Phantom of the Opera, and he is in love with the Collapsible Bodice. I'm so glad he liked the movie--he actually DISLIKED Pirates of the Caribbean (!!!) the first time he saw it, and I was afraid we were going to have a repeat of that all over again. It's so much more fun when you can enjoy an obsession together.  : )

(Vision update: I thought I would adjust to not having the glasses, but I can actually see less now. DAMMIT.)

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Soooooo now I have new glasses. We sweet-talked the Lenscrafters manager into filling a three-year-old prescription, and he even said I could come back (within 30 days) and they'd update the lenses free. Also, my mother's Triple A card somehow resulted in $99 off. I don't know, man. My one criterion was that they look as much like the old ones as possible--a slightly trianglish oval. So of course I walk out of there with rectangles. I mean, at least they're rounded, but they're very long, definite rectangles. I've had that same oval shape, in different variations, for about ten years now--and I would have been upset about the change if I weren't totally just like, "PLEASE PUT SOMETHING ON MY FACE." No one else was even there, so I had the manager and a clerk throwing frames around trying to find a good shape for my "wide temples," and square shapes are better on round faces, blah blah last month's issue of Mademoiselle blee, and when they found a pair that they and my mother liked, I was just like, "Fine, whatever." I squinted in the mirror and didn't blanch with revulsion, so I figured it would be all right. I guess I'll find out in class tomorrow if they look good--it's a small enough class (seven other people) that they'll notice and comment, but it's not like they know me so well that they're going to tread too carefully.

P.S. Please go read Vladimir's Phantom review and stop beating him up over Pirates. Don't scare the Squishy away!