February 6th, 2005

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I cheat on my normal horoscope with a new site:

Treat yourself to a shopping spree this week, and spend lots of money on pizzas, coke and toffees. Just beware as your jealous uncle might be stalking you and may even attack with a stick of celery because he thinks you are the one who broke into his home and stole his rancid pretzel collection. Challenge him to a duel and slap his face with a pair of rubber gloves for being such a naughty monkey.

p.s. i'll find my rum

Off metaquotes: a beautiful entry written by the most awesome mom ever, on the occasion of her son being called a fag.

Still working on Titanic, fnarrr. So tired, woe.

I'm sort of stealing this idea from misshallelujah, but I think I'm in need of an FAQ myself. If there's anything you'd like to ask or think other people should know, now's your chance. I'm talking about things like "Where did the name Cleolinda come from?" "Who is so-and-so that you mention in your entries all the time?" "Which movies are in the book?" Basically, help me come up with a list of things people ask a lot, and I'll put the answers (or links to them) on my user info page.
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OW HEAD IS OF THE HURRRRRRT. I think it's from not eating this afternoon--I had a Slimfast just to keep my blood sugar up, but apparently that didn't work. Also, the Squishy is ill. Poor thing.

I'm not watching the Super Bowl--which I wouldn't care about anyway, except for the commercials--so if anything earthshattering happens during the breaks, I'm sure someone will have it online within seconds. Bring me links, would you? I'm desperately trying to wrap up Titanic.

ETA: Super Bowl commercials! Thanks, meredith_mae!