February 10th, 2005


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Today's horoscope: Lately, you've been worried about what others think, but you shouldn't. Relax.

I emailed Titanic off late last night, and sure enough, the reply was basically, "There, there, you don't suck [for being so late]. Let's talk about the deadlines, okay?" Which was comforting, at least, and what I needed to hear.

You've never been described as quiet or shy [except for the part where I WAS for the entire first twenty years of my life], and you believe in taking chances. So when a certain someone wanders by today, don't let them keep wandering. Ask them a question. Whether it's directions (to somewhere you've been to a thousand times), the time (which you couldn't care less about, since you never, ever wear a watch) or if you look as familiar to them as they do to you -- the end result will be the same: company for dinner. You devil, you.

Aaaaand then my horoscope goes right back to the crack.

I have pledged to spend today being gloriously useless. However, "useless" is a word that here means "doing laundry, finishing Uncle Tom's Cabin, and working on Star Wars tonight if I can bear to look at it." But I made a big plate of superfluff pancakes this morning, and I'm going back to bed right now to wallow in my own uselessness for a good couple of hours. And then I might actually watch a DVD I don't have to write about! SOMEONE STOP ME BEFORE I HURT MYSELF.

I've got some reader/commenter links I need to post for y'all, but I don't have them on me at the moment. You need to see this, however--remember that forum that was posting Superman covers as evidence that he's a dick? Well, now it has its own site.

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Oh, and if y'all want to make Lost recap icons, go for it. Y'all regulars know that, but I seem to have had an influx of newcomers lately (hi!), so it bears repeating that icons of any kind are always okay with me. I might fire up Photoshop later day--turns out I haven't made icons for several episodes--but there's no telling.
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