February 12th, 2005

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Guess whose giant Christmas package not only didn't get lost in the mail after all, but finally reached Vladimir on Valentine's weekend? I WIN AT LIFE.

More stuff, glorious in its stuffness:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stills!

Just added: Hi-res Bride and Prejudice pics from OutNow.ch.

A Salon primer on Lovecraft. Actually in reference to his horror of race-mixing (oh... dear), but: "Like a lot of people who proudly declare themselves to inhabit the territory of pure reason, Lovecraft had difficulty policing the borders." Which is... about the way of it, really. Lovecraft's personal flaws aside, I happen to love his stuff--it's this gorgeous, neurotic collision of The Horror of Which We Cannot Speak and really purple, overwrought prose. That, and I think I've just always been fascinated by the things we can't see or hear or name--which is why a movie that leaves something unseen and to our imagination will always score points with me.

Note on current music: This is the song in the Sin City trailer that people have been so crazy to get hold of. I didn't think all that much of it until I heard the whole thing--and it's funny, because the lyrics are so mundane ("We ate Chinese/ off our knees/ and looked for each other in the TV screen/ Everyday I'm at my desk/ at my desk I'm like the rest/ All I do I wanna do with you") but the music is so dark and scary and thrillery. Love.

P.S. Sin City people? GO GET THE NEW ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. I mean, it's not worth bronzing or anything, but that doesn't mean I wasn't snuggling with it last night. Excerpt from the cover story, as posted on ew.com:

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More pictures from OutNow.ch: Constantine (shut up, Keanu is pretteh); The Jacket (it finally occurred to me that "the jacket" is probably a straitjacket); Hitch; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (not new, but huge. Y'know, in case you like your terror supersized); House of Wax (sigh); Kingdom of Heaven (just one); Madagascar (animated); Melinda and Melinda; Miss Congeniality 2; Mr. and Mrs. Smith (just one); The Ring 2; Thumbsucker; and War of the Worlds.

I've uploaded the Sin City song for y'all to download--there should be about 20 downloads here. Let me know when they run out.


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