February 24th, 2005

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Nothin' but linkspam:

From last night's HURLEY ON TV OMGWTF moment: Here's what the Korean TV caption reads (spoiler!).

Lost 1:17 recap icons from sapphires13, yay!

Dr. Phil's Valentine's Day massacre over on TWOP: "'Imagine this; you're out there dating,' Phil says again, asking us to resume this journey in Corey's moccasins, 'and you finally meet the right one -- you buy the ring, pop the question, [blah blah] -- but then you're sleeping in a mattress on the basement floor!' Just imagine that! Imagine for a second that this is your life! I am, and I kind of hate myself, and my imaginary life. And I can't imagine how I got there, because I am not an assclown. I have some explaining to do to my imaginary self."

Oh... Viggo, honey, no. I don't care if it is for a movie. That mustache is just wrong.

Oh Jesus, we're in the news again. Also, even though it was then overturned: "A federal judge ruled against the state and found a constitutional 'right to use sexual devices like ... vibrators, dildos, anal beads and artificial vaginas.'" They should put that in the Bill of Rights, y'all.

An on-set Scientology tent. Oh, Tiny Tom, what will you think of next?

This is kind of scary, although it shouldn't really be surprising if you've noticed the evening news over the last few years.

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Yay! I just got a postcard from Eric in Scotland!

A link from aperrin2: Terrifying romance novel covers. I believe the phrase "Scottie McMullet" appears.

Flame o' the Day. I'm to the point where I'm starting to really enjoy the truly cracktastic, "Have you mistaken me for someone else?," "You just don't get it, do you?" flames. Like, the guy on POA/15M who called me a "faggot." ("Well, yes, sir, actually I do like men. And how!") As for this one... well, I've done more to advertise that movie--to literally exhort people to go see it--than everyone in the WB marketing department put together. But then, a roll of breath mints would have put in more effort than WB, so that's not saying much.

P.S. I actually dislike rap music, mostly. Not that it matters, because... yeah, terrible taste in music otherwise, we all know that.

Oh, and about the Oscar pools:

jedi_funk has information on how to join the Yahoo Oscar game (this is where I'll be playing); I also started a Daily Digest group over at Oscar.com a few weeks back. I would definitely suggest entering both places once you get your predictions set (or you'd like to hedge your bets), because I think you win prizes at each place.

Oscar Watch's Oscar predictions chart is here, but I have no idea what to do for the smaller categories. Get the "Who's Going to Win?" issue of Entertainment Weekly, I guess (well, actually, it came in the mail this weekend). I'll go to the ew.com and see if I can find some stuff to post, because damn if I ever know who's going to win Best Documentary Short. Full nominations are here.

ETA: Get your Best Animated Shorts here.

By the way, I will be doing a live recap/commentary. It nearly killed me last year, but this year I will actually be facing the TV, so the neck/eye/back strain should be much, much less. I actually think that the show will be complete ass--have you heard about this thing the producer wants to do? Nominees in the "interesting" categories will get herded onstage so we can watch them squirm while the nominations and eventual winner are read, while the "unimportant" categories will just have their trophies trotted out to them? And I've been watching this show since I was thirteen, y'all. That's exactly half my life (whoa). So trust me, watching them screw it up like this hurts. I suppose there's a chance that the wacky changes could improve the telecast, but... no. Cirque du Soleil a couple of years ago? Good change. Telling all the "little people" to screw off? Bad change. Hell, I'm surprised various craft guilds didn't picket Gil Cates' office, to be honest with you. If we're lucky, maybe there'll be a riot or something. This is why I keep telling myself to buck up: if it sucks, yes, you and I as Oscar watchers will suffer. But as blog readers and writers, we have to admit this much: it will be comedy gold.

ETA: Oh... Colin... honey. I don't even particularly like you, but--I never wanted anything this bad to happen to you...
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