February 27th, 2005

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Another recap... FROM THE FUTURE! Not mine, however. Also, I would think that Chris Rock would be a lot funnier than... whatever that is.

So: here are my official pick-to-win Oscar predictions, based partly on the EW Oscar issue, because damn if I know what's going to win best short animated documentary whatever. However, I'm still iffy on several of them (Score and Song particularly), several races are still very tight, and if you're playing to win, I suggest you put Morgan Freeman instead of Clive Owen. I just couldn't bring myself to put anyone other than Clive and Cate in the supporting categories, despite my resolution to kick pool ass.

Presents! (Vladimir: "What is this, Oscarmas?") So I got Tim Tams from kittygopounce (yay!), and two Cate posters (The Gift and Veronica Guerin) from girlfrom10thave (yay!)--and then! and then! Vladimir's impromptu "yay for finishing Titanic" present arrives, and it is Anna Dollerious. It is seriously one of the best costume replicas I have seen on a doll; the one variation is the hair, which is not in long loose curls (see prototype picture on link); it's in supatight supacurls that just pass her shoulders. The effect of this is that Anna Dollerious has, essentially... poseable hair. You can do "windblown," or "falling from a cliff," or "dead from smush," and it totally holds. And hooooo boy, does Anna Dollerious have some awesome bitchface. This is probably not the best sentence to follow that with, but it's also a really good likeness of Kate Beckinsale. (Heh.)

Also? She has a GUN. And a SWORD. And a DAGGER. And they all school Fugagorn's sad, crooked ranger sword (bless). (Eowyn Doll has just handed me a note to pass to Anna. It says, "Will you be my friend? Yes / No / Maybe. P.S. I like swords.") And she has the buckled thigh-high boots and the corset (tied in the back with tiny red thread!) and EVERYTHING, WHEE.

(Shut up, I love dolls. If Sideshow or Franklin Mint or Ashton Drake came out with new Emmy!Christine dolls, my wallet would die and be dead.)

Please for to go to sleep now, as I am tired, and have a lot of blogging ahead of me tomorrow...

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All right, we're getting ready to rumble. I'm taking a shower and getting something to eat and very likely skipping the Barbara Walters show because... "Interviews with actors Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell and Teri Hatcher." Yeah, I totally don't care, and I'm going to be typing for 4 hours +. Therefore, my blogging will begin here at 7:00 pm (CST) with the ABC red carpet coverage, and if anything should happen to LJ, I'll be over on my Greatest Journal. This is a journal I generally keep private and don't use much, but if LJ misbehaves, I will be posting publicly there as a back-up.

Here's my predictions entry at Oscar.com--the Hedging of the Bets entry, as opposed to the Pick to Win entry over at Yahoo. (The Oscar.com group is "Daily Digest," if you're looking for it. Here's jedi_funk's group over at Yahoo, password "natalie.")
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