April 7th, 2005

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AH GOD I HATE HEAD COLDS. I'm sitting here in my pajamas (still), sweating to death even though the air conditioner's on 68. I'm pumped full of sinus medication and zinc and multivitamins until I can't see straight, and I've got a neverending supply of grapefruit juice just for good measure. The cough hasn't really started up yet, but I sense that it's thinking about it. I can't taste anything, I can't breathe, and I can't sing (which really sucks, because I finally have the house to myself again). I'm back eating graham crackers (they're chocolate, actually--not chocolate-covered, just chocolate-flavored) because I can't muster up the interest or the energy to cook or eat anything else.

That said, Gladiator is going really well. It's also really strange--Prince got me through Titanic, Alizée got me through Braveheart, and it looks like Alice Cooper is going to get me through Gladiator. I am a strange little person.

Re: last night's Lost: I thought I remembered something about blood types and personality tests. I'm A positive, for what it's worth.

P.S. If you see something at metaquotes about someone doing their own "Fifteen Minutes" of something (not providing a link, because I don't want a pile-on), know that I'm aware of it and there isn't really anything I can do about it. No need to email me about it or hassle the person in question.

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