April 23rd, 2005

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All right, pimping is closed. Since people enjoyed it so much, I'll try to do a better-formatted version of Pimp Week at the end of May, so you'll still have a chance next month. The rest of the links will be posted tomorrow, because I'm going to bed.

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God, the Spider-Man subtitles are ass. The movie's in widescreen, but their widescreen ain't so wide, if you get what I'm saying, so you don't get those nice, neat little white titles on the lower black bar. No, we've got these giant, intrusive yellow titles all over the movie itself. Great. Thanks. And yeah, subtitles (when available) are a vital part of the movie parodying process, as those of y'all who read my Lost recaps will know from my constant mishearings of things. Sigh.

The summer movie preview Entertainment Weekly just came in. Interesting pictures on some of these movies--and they put Batman ahead of Star Wars, which tickles my schadenfreude bone for some reason. Still, way too many pictures of Wookiees for my taste.

Also, I'm trying something new with my Yahoo calendar--making certain things available for y'all to see. Granted, I'm not showing you everything, but I'm thinking I'll post anything interesting I see in the TV listings, like good movie recommendations (you can add to calendar straight from Yahoo TV), and you can get a small glimpse into my schedule. Because, you know, I am just that fascinating.

(The real reason I'm posting this link is because all the new Lost eps are marked on my calendar, and if you hover your cursor over the event title "Lost," you can read a brief summary of that ep. ABC put out a press release, apparently, which I in turn snaffled from a Snarkfest post.)

(Note: please do not try to add me to your Yahoo Messenger, because I'm going to turn you down. It's nothing personal; I just don't have time to talk to folks. Seriously, I use it to talk to one person (guess), and occasionally Sister Girl when she's too lazy to walk twelve feet over to my room.)

Meanwhile: I'm doling out the last several pimps in smaller groups, so: if you haven't appeared yet, you will. Yes, new requests are closed until the end of May.

aberranteyes: "Could I possibly inveigle you into pimping aeoncontinuum and the comms for the individual Trinity Universe role-playing games (aeonadventure, aeonaberrant and aeontrinity)? They're actually etherlad's, not mine, but I'm doing this as a favor for him, since I'm sure there must be a TU fan somewhere on your flist. ^_^ "

cabell: "For people interested in fun, affordable art, frippy does awesome paintings, and has recently branched out to some painted objects like boxes. She's got a website with a lot of her art available to view at http://mentalsewage.com and she's started listing her work on eBay if you're interested in buying some. It'd be really nice if she could get some exposure because right now she feels like she's pressuring her immediate circle of friends to buy her work, not that she actually IS, but she definitely deserves a wider audience. I have one of her bunny paintings in my living room and lots of people have commented (favorably) on it."

hey_montana: "Could you also be so kind as to point out that tomorrow (April 23rd) is 24 Hour Comics Day? It's a worthy cause overflowing with geekery. Hooray! Further information can be found at www.24hourcomics.com."

layered: "You could pimp me.. because I always like having new friends. :) Yay? Oh, also, Anderson Cooper 360, which is on at 7:00 on weekdays on CNN and everyone should watch it because Andy's the best. And Dr. Sanjay is also excellent."

Misc. links:

Land of the Lost: The Movie?

Daaaaaaaaaamn, yo:
Orthopedic surgeon Gary Michelson said Friday he is considering philanthropic alternatives for some of the $1.35 billion Medtronic Inc. plans to pay him to end a patent dispute.

"All you can really do with that kind of money is give it away. There's no way you can spend it," he said. "What I'm interested in doing is setting up a medical research foundation and seeing if we can't make a difference in the world."
Dear Dr. Michelson: Please marry me. Not because you are now filthy rich, but because you are awesome. P.S. You are also cute.

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Another round from the To Pimp list, while the Spider-Man DVD is rolling over back to the beginning:

lady_tavington: "Oh, All Mighty Cleo, I have, for thy pimping, a story to push, hoping that thou willst do some magic for me... I just started a Star Wars/Lostr (LOST+LOTR pairings) fic, entitled Discord Among Us, and I was hoping you could do me some pimping... Chapter 1 be here, and Chapter 2 be here. While you're at it, could you also pimp my fic comm, literarydebris? Tnx muchleh."

divabat: "rphurtsmybrain (a spinoff of apocalypsos's ithurtsmybrain) needs writers and faithlikewhoa needs more people posting. Thankee :D "

theatre_angel: "I should hope that Sherie Rene Scott Online is eligible for pimping."

shempskaya: "Please pimp my community ghpp, The Guerilla Haiku Postcard Project. The gist of it is, write a haiku on a postcard, mail it anonymously to whoever you want, and post it. It's been dead in there for quite awhile, maybe some new blood will freshen it up."

chorusgirl: ":Pimp take two: My Harry Potter fanfic. R&R maybe?"

tundraeternal: "Could you give a shout out on behalf of who_new_who, a comm for people who've fallen in love with the new Doctor Who series? We want lots of people to come join so we can all be psycho fanatics together. Thanks!"

mackzazzle: "So, my pimp request? negability. Literary history RPG. Yeah, you heard that right. It's just starting, and we're really hurtin' for characters. Any English author born before 1900 is fair came. Come on. It's only the awesomest thing ever. ;)"

akakat: "Lovely Cleo, tf I'm not past deadline could you pimp my Vid site? Music videos for HP, LOTR, POTC, and others."

Misc. links:

Since sadlikeknives reminded me, Capewatch: "Approximately US $4,349.63." (Emmy Rossum's Christine wedding dress? Approximately US $482.44. Oh, burrrrrrrn.) And yeah, the quills are already out of my reach. Woe for writerly mementoes. However, you can still get a whole frickin' bee costume (I know, man. Bee costume?) for like $15.

(I still want to know who ran off with the candelarmbra.)