May 18th, 2005

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The bad news: I wasn't able to make the Monday deadline.

The good news: I think we're still in the game for an October release, because they really, really seem to have a lot of faith in this project, and probably more than I deserve, so I'm funnying away as fast as I can on LOTR and Potter. P.S. Spider-Man turned out AWESOME.

The bad news: There will be no Lost recap tonight. Again.

The good news: I will go back and recap the missing episodes before the season finale, if I can finish the book this week, which dear God is what has to happen. I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep at the moment, obviously.

I'm not going to turn off comments like I did for the last entry, but please keep in mind--well, first of all, thanks so much for y'all's patience. But "OH NOOOOOES, RECAP WOE"? Kind of not what I need to hear right now. I feel bad enough about it as it is.

ETA: Oh! I totally forgot to tell y'all about the Squishy's Star Wars review from yesterday!